Cases of coronavirus confirmed in two more countries

Cases of coronavirus confirmed in two more countries

Coronavirus was found in an Indian student who is studying in China, and from a Chinese woman who came from Wuhan.
Cases of Chinese coronavirus infection have been reported in the Philippines and India.”In Kerala, one positive case of new coronavirus has been reported in a student studying at Wuhan University,” the statement said. Indian Government Information Office.

The patient’s condition is stable and is under observation.

According to CNN Philippines, citing the country’s Ministry of Health, Philippine specialists have registered the first case of infection with a new type of coronavirus in the country.

Coronavirus was found in a Chinese woman who came to the country from Wuhan China via Hong Kong on January 21. Four days after arriving in the country, she has noticed a small cough and hospitalized.

In total, 23 people are under the supervision of doctors in the country due to the spread of a new type of coronavirus, 18 of them in the capital region.

Recall, according to the latest data, in China the number of victims of coronavirus has grown to 170 people, 7,771 cases of infection have been identified, including the first in Tibet.

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