Cat with huge eyes became a star of the network

The animal has its own page on the social network Instagram, which is signed by almost 35,000 people.
A cat named Potatoes from the United States with bulging eyes has conquered Internet users, writes the Daily Mail.

The owner of Potatoes is a 21-year-old student Ashley. She took the animal two years ago from the shelter. Now the cat is five years old.

Ashley’s pet has huge bulging eyes. Because of this feature in the network and on the street on Potatoes pay attention.

The animal has its own Instagram page, which is becoming more popular every day. Thus, more than 34,000 people have already signed up for the page.

Because of its big eyes, the cat has a funny surprised look.

The owner of the animal admits that many on the Internet do not believe that the cat is real and believe that the girl’s eyes increase her with photoshop. And other users believe that Potatoes look like an alien.

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