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New in the automotive industry and an overview of vehicles see in this section

California will prohibit the sale of “oil” cars by 2035.

California, which accounts for 1% of the world’s oil consumption, will give up cars that run on gasoline and diesel fuel by 2035. Great Britain also has similar plans. “We are facing a climate crisis. We need courageous action. California is gradually abandoning its internal combustion engines. By 2035, every car sold in the state will not make… Read More »

China is preparing to produce cars with hydrogen fuel

Chinese car manufacturer SAIC Motor Corp. Ltd intends to develop at least 10 models of cars with hydrogen fuel by 2025. According to the plans of the company’s management, within five years it is planned to produce and sell 10 thousand hydrogen fuel cell cars. According to self-portal, this project was launched by SAIC Motor about 19… Read More »

Elon Musk is preparing a revolution in the automotive industry

In Europe, the production of the new Model Y electric crossover is about to begin. Tesla head Elon Musk has already begun to make high-profile statements on this subject. One of them, made, as Musk loves, on Twitter, says that with the introduction of this car on the European market, the world will see a real revolution in… Read More »

Kia released a new version of the Mohave crossover

The Korean company Kia introduced the Mohave crossover in the new Gravity configuration in the domestic market. This is stated in a press release received by the editors. Outwardly from the usual Mohave versions, the new modification is distinguished by a black radiator grille with a modified pattern resembling arrowheads, as well as 20-inch black rims. The interior… Read More »

JAC iEV7S electric car certified in June

Chinese automaker JAC this summer will complete the Russian certification of the iEV7S electric crossover. This was announced on May 12 by a company press officer In June, the JAC iEV7S will receive a Vehicle Type Approval Certificate (OTTS). The document gives the right to the automaker to sell the model in Europe The car will receive a… Read More »

McLaren engineers abandoned the windshield in the Elva supercar

Cars are becoming more and more technological every year. Various innovations make you see more opportunities in the car. They give people more freedom than ever before. For example, on an Elva cabriolet, released by McLaren last year, you can easily ride with the breeze without a windshield and get the most positive experience from such a trip.… Read More »

Japan introduced innovative hydrogen refueling

There is no doubt that cars will become something more than “self-made wheelchairs” from the past, equipped with air-polluting engines. One of the most promising ways to develop transport is to convert it to electric traction. However, this is not the only option. It is believed that in the future cars will use hydrogen fuel. In Japan, they… Read More »

The Continental car has a three-dimensional dashboard

New technologies allow us to see simple and familiar things completely different. For example, a traditional instrument panel may well be three-dimensional. This was previously seen only in science fiction films, and now in the serial car Genesis GV80, manufactured by Continental. The technology was developed for security reasons. Its implementation in the interior of an off-road car… Read More »