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Russian intelligence misinformed U.S. residents through fake websites

The Associated Press, citing officials, reported that two Russian citizens holding senior positions in Moscow’s military intelligence, known as the GRU, were spreading misinformation about coronavirus in the United States through three websites. Curious point: Officials, who agreed to disclose the information to the agency on condition of anonymity, said that earlier this information, they say, was classified.… Read More »

Minister of the Indian state of Madhya Pradesh contracted coronavirus

Shivraj Singh Chauhan, Chief Minister of the Indian State of Madhya Pradesh, contracted coronavirus and was admitted to a hospital in the state capital, Bhopala. “My dear compatriots, I had symptoms of COVID-19, and after the test my results were positive. I follow all the recommendations and will be in quarantine in accordance with the doctor’s recommendations,” Chauhan… Read More »

California closes bars due to the spread of coronavirus

The governor of the US state of California, Gavin Newsom, following the authorities of Texas and Florida, ordered the bars to be closed in several districts of the state, including Los Angeles, due to the outbreak of a new coronavirus. The Department of Business and Professional Regulation of the US state of Florida announced Friday that bars were… Read More »

Pence pledged to help Texas fight coronavirus

US federal authorities will help the state of Texas, where the situation with the coronavirus has seriously worsened, said US Vice President Mike Pence on Sunday. Earlier, State Governor Gregg Abbott said that the situation with COVID-19 in the state has taken a dangerous turn in the past few weeks, the number of new hospitalizations has increased from… Read More »