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Armenian PM announces recovery from coronavirus

Repeated tests for COVID-19 at the prime minister and his family members gave negative results. Armenian Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan stated that he has overcome the coronavirus. He stated this on Facebook on Monday, June 8. “We just received repeated results of tests for our family’s coronavirus. All the results are negative, they were the same yesterday. At… Read More »

Putin will not attend the global coronavirus vaccine summit

UK-hosted Summit mobilizes resources for universal access to vaccine Russian President Vladimir Putin does not plan to take part in a virtual summit on the creation of a vaccine against coronavirus, which is being held by the British government this week. This was announced by the representative of the Kremlin Dmitry Peskov. Putin received an invitation to attend… Read More »

China delayed providing WHO information on coronavirus

China delayed the provision of important information to the World Health Organization (WHO) in January this year. It is reported by the Associated Press with reference to its own data. The agency records a WHO internal conversation that said that Chinese government laboratories released the genome only after another laboratory published it on January 11 on the virology… Read More »

In the “Vector” developed a vaccine against coronavirus for instillation into the nose

One of the vaccines against coronavirus infection, developed by the scientific center “Vector”, can be instilled into the nose, said the director-general of the center Rinat Maksyutov. “Vaccines differ not only in their functional principle but also in the method and scheme of immunization. So, one of our preparations, it does not follow the classical route of administration… Read More »

Owners of cats and dogs are more resistant to coronavirus diseases, including COVID-19, – veterinarian

In Russia, the cat discovered the coronavirus. According to the vet, it is not impossible, and contamination from such cats should not be afraid, on the contrary. “Corcovado and dog owners in addition to positive emotions have greater resistance to diseases of this type,” – said the veterinary doctor of the highest category Mikhail Chalakov. Analyses of five… Read More »