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Diversification: world oil trader will trade used cars

“If you live in Turkey or Pakistan and want to sell your car, one of the largest oil traders in the world will want to make a deal with you,” – jokingly noticed in Bloomberg that Vitol Group enters the used car market. The company, which sold 8 million barrels a day in 2019, launched a new venture… Read More »

Gazprom is afraid of gas transit through Belorussia

The political crisis in Belarus creates risks for Russian gas transit to Europe via the Yamal-Europe gas pipeline. This is stated in Gazprom’s memorandum on the new Eurobond issue. “The current political instability in Belarus and uncertainty about the further development of the situation also increase the risks for the current activities of our subsidiary Gazprom Transgaz Belorussia,… Read More »

Pipelayer “Academician Chersky” took a course in Kaliningrad

Pipelayer “Academician Chersky” took a course in Kaliningrad. Apparently, the vessel continues sea trials before the Nord Stream-2 construction resumption and will follow the route of the unfinished gas pipeline section. Two Russian supply vessels continue to be located in the German port. According to the navigation portal Vesselfinder, the pipe-laying vessel Akademik Chersky left the area of… Read More »

Expert: Bitcoin can rise to $14,000 or fall to $8,000.

Tomorrow, October 6, Los Angeles will open a block summit with representatives of U.S. economic regulators – the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) and the Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC). Speeches by the agencies actually determining the legal status of cryptovoltaic and digital tokens in a country may provoke significant movements in the cryptovoltaic market. At the same… Read More »

Hungary will buy LNG from USA to consume more Russian gas

From 2021 Hungary will purchase LNG from the United States through the Croatian terminal Krk. However, it will not receive three-quarters of its volume. In order to reduce transportation costs, Hungary will leave American gas in Croatia and in return take away Russian gas, which goes through the country in transit. In early September, Hungarian Foreign Minister Peter… Read More »

Hydrogen can help Gazprom hold onto the European market

Against the background of Gazprom’s problems with the construction of Nord Stream-2, Russia started talking about the possibility of Nord Stream-3. Such ideas make you shudder at first, but the nuance is that instead of natural gas two new threads are supposed to pump hydrogen into the EU countries. So what can be achieved in practice from such… Read More »

Residents of Latvia want to tax old cars

From the next year, there may be a new tax on the registration of petrol or diesel vehicles older than 5 years in Latvia. Thus, the Ministry of Communications hopes to motivate Latvians to move, for example, to electric cars, reports The Ministry refers to the fact that many European countries encourage their residents to move to… Read More »

Trump’s disease has not prevented three billionaires from getting rich by $ 5 billion.

Reports of U.S. President Donald Trump being infected with coronavirus and hospitalized have had a significant impact on financial markets. One of the consequences was a drop in the share price of technological companies. However, the status of such businessmen as Jeff Bezos, Mark Zuckerberg, and Ilon Mask for the week in the sum increased by $ 5… Read More »