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US Congress proposes relaxed sanctions against Nord Stream 2

Congressmen of the House of Representatives of the US Congress proposed for consideration a bill containing relaxed sanctions against participants in the construction of the Nord Stream-2 gas pipeline, according to the website of legislator Adam Kintsinger. The new sanctions bill will be considered in parallel with what was previously prepared in the Senate, the upper house of… Read More »

France allowed a one-third reduction in champagne sales

The French champagne industry has been faced with an unprecedented economic crisis due to the coronavirus pandemic, with sales likely dropping 30-35% this year, the Comité Champagne Committee said. In this situation, winemakers still rely on the strategy of producing an elite drink, which is famous all over the world for its quality, and take all measures to… Read More »

Merkel declared Trump gas war

The confrontation over the further construction of Nord Stream 2 is even more fierce. Donald Trump, lobbying for the interests of American gas producers, is trying to prevent Russian gas from entering the European market. In turn, German Chancellor Angela Merkel is trying to prevent this, since American fuel is much more expensive, which will damage the German… Read More »

US again extended sanctions against North Korea

US President Donald Trump renewed sanctions against North Korea again. The corresponding document is published on the White House website. The order said that the existence and threat of the spread of fissile materials suitable for use in weapons on the Korean Peninsula, as well as the actions and policies of the North Korean authorities, continue to pose… Read More »

Novak commented on upcoming US sanctions against Nord Stream 2

Possible new US sanctions against Nord Stream 2 will have a negative impact on the global economic recovery after the COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic, said Russian Energy Minister Alexander Novak. “As for Nord Stream 2 and other issues that have remained, unfortunately, protectionist measures have survived even during the crisis. We see this from statements on those draft laws… Read More »

Germany began the battle for Nord Stream 2

While Gazprom is looking for technical opportunities to complete the Nord Stream 2 pipeline, Germany faces a struggle on a different front. Before May, Berlin needs to find a new loophole so that Nord Stream 2, after commissioning, can operate at full capacity. Then Washington will lose the battle in exactly the same way as it lost in… Read More »

US national debt exceeded record $ 26 trillion

Over the three years of Trump’s presidency, the US public debt grew by $ 2 trillion, and during the pandemic – by another 4 trillion. The US national debt for the first time in history exceeded $ 26 trillion, CBS reports on Thursday, June 11, citing data from the country’s Treasury. “Government debt has exceeded $ 26 trillion.… Read More »

Canadians were obliged to return benefits paid to them due to a pandemic

The Canadian government has allocated 107 billion Canadian dollars for various programs to help the country’s population and the national economy in connection with the pandemic of the new coronavirus. About 190 thousand residents of Canada, who illegally used the special fund to help victims of the consequences of the coronavirus, will have to return the benefits paid… Read More »