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Because of COVID, Karabakh and Trump: dollar predicted sharp growth

Chief analyst of “TeleTrade” Mark Goichman believes that the strengthening of the Russian currency should not be expected in the near future, he told about it in an interview with TOP NEWS. “The ruble depends largely on the current sentiment of “flight from risks” of financial markets, which is now associated with the development of the second wave… Read More »

How did the almost two-year political crisis in Belgium end?

Belgium celebrates the end of almost two years of political crisis – after 653 days of the Provisional Cabinet, a full-fledged government has reappeared in the kingdom. The new ruling coalition in parliament was formed of seven Flemish and Walloon parties, named Vivaldi. However, experts are not sure that this alliance will be durable since the most popular… Read More »

Britain joins EU sanctions on Crimea

On Friday, following the European Union, Great Britain added two Russians and four companies, associated with the construction of the Crimean Bridge, to the sanctions list due to “violation of Ukrainian sovereignty”. The list was supplemented by Alexander Ganov, General Director of Grand Service Express OJSC, and Leonid Ryzhenkin, Deputy Head of Stroygazmontazh LLC. FSUE Crimean Railway (“KZhD”),… Read More »

EU hopes to get closer to Belarus through sanctions

On the first working day of their two-day Brussels summit, October 1, the EU heads of state and government decided to impose sanctions against Belarus because of the contested August presidential election and violence against those who participated in the ensuing actions. Personal sanctions were imposed on about 40 Belarusian persons responsible for ordering or participating in state… Read More »

Russia joins Belarus’ sanctions against the West

Retaliatory sanctions of Belarus will automatically operate in Russia in accordance with allied obligations, said the Foreign Ministry. “Instead of playing a constructive role and helping to stabilize the situation in Belarus, the European Union has decided to take on the issue of some member countries, committed to further “rocking” the internal political situation in Belarus. We call… Read More »

The U.S. imposed sanctions against Belarus

The U.S. has imposed sanctions against eight Belarusian officials, including a number of law enforcement officers, said the U.S. Treasury website. They include Secretary of the Central Election Commission of Belarus Elena Dmukhailo, Interior Minister Yuri Karaev, and his deputy – commander of the internal troop’s Yuri Nazarenko. The list also includes deputy interior ministers Khazalbek Atabekov and… Read More »

Minsk imposed sanctions against Britain and Canada

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs said it had imposed retaliatory restrictions on a number of officials in the two countries. Belarus announced symmetrical sanctions against British and Canadian officials. This was announced on Friday, October 2nd, as the press service of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Belarus reports. “We introduce symmetrical restrictions with regard to some officials… Read More »