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US introduces new restrictions for Huawei

Washington banned Chinese company computer chips. On completion of the agreed deliveries was given four months. The U.S. imposed new restrictions on the supply of computer chips to the Chinese Corporation Huawei. This was announced on Friday, the Bureau of industry and security U.S. Department of Commerce.”Bureau of industry and security today announced plans to protect the national… Read More »

American industry fell record

Over the month, US industrial production fell by more than 11% – the maximum for a hundred-year history of statistics. According to the results of April, the volume of industrial production in the USA fell by 11.2% compared to March, according to the Federal Reserve on Friday, May 15.   It is noted that the fall was the… Read More »

US budget deficit nearly tripled due to pandemic

Due to the pandemic, US budget expenditures grew 2.6 times, and revenues collapsed by 55%. In April, the US budget deficit amounted to $ 737.851 billion, while a surplus of $ 160.304 billion was recorded a year earlier, the country’s Treasury reported. Budget revenues fell 55% last month to $ 241.863 billion from $ 535.545 billion a year… Read More »

European Commission: Eurozone banks could be seriously affected by coronavirus

Creditors of Eurozone countries can be seriously affected by the outbreak of coronavirus, since the slowdown in economic growth creates a burden on borrowers, according to the latest report of the European officials, reports Reuters. The document was the first pan-European assessment of the creditors of the region, as countries including Germany and Italy, are considering what steps… Read More »

Saudi Arabia cancels benefits payments

Due to an increase in the budget deficit as a result of falling oil profits, the country’s authorities decided to increase taxes. Saudi Arabia since June 1 has suspended the payment of a living wage. writes Reuters. And from July 1, the value-added tax will be tripled from 5% to 15%. According to the Minister of Finance of… Read More »

Trump and Merkel discuss opening economies after pandemic

The two leaders also noted positive developments in the fight against coronavirus and efforts to develop a vaccine. US President Donald Trump and German Chancellor Angela Merkel during a telephone conversation discussed the opening of the US and German economies after the end of the new coronavirus pandemic. This was announced on Friday, May 8, on Twitter by… Read More »

In the US, record unemployment for half a century

When, in February, the US unemployment rate was at a minimum over the past 50 years, now its significant leap is noticeable.   In April alone, 20.5 million Americans lost their jobs in the United States, so unemployment in the country jumped to a record 14.7% compared with 4.4% in March, the Labor Department said.   Analysts on… Read More »