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U.S. may impose new sanctions against Russia over Belarus

Washington may impose new sanctions against Moscow in case of “open interference” of Russia in the affairs of Belarus, Reuters writes referring to a high-ranking representative of the American administration. It is noted that the U.S. also allows the imposition of restrictions against seven Belarusian officials in connection with the “falsification” of the presidential elections. Earlier, Vladimir Putin… Read More »

Poland allowed to take planes from Russia

Poland has removed Russia from the list of countries with which air travel is prohibited due to the situation with the spread of coronavirus infection. This is stated in the order published by the Polish government on August 31. According to the document, Poland does not accept planes from 44 countries, including Spain, Mexico, Israel, Dominican Republic, Armenia,… Read More »

The sanction game of the Baltics turned into terrible consequences for the port of Klaipeda

Lithuanian authorities express strong concern about the consequences of their sanctions pressure on Russia and Belarus – The Baltics’ astonishing willingness to take on the West’s sanctions aggression against its neighbors is beginning to bear fruit. Thus, in the article of the network edition “KORABEL.RU” drew attention to the dedication with which the Lithuanian authorities defend the interests… Read More »

Western analysts predicted the rise in the price of the ruble

Western analysts considered the Russian ruble too cheap against the major world currencies and predicted its imminent rise of 6%, Bloomberg reports citing analysis data from Citigroup and Sova Capital. Western analysts considered the Russian ruble too cheap against the major world currencies and predicted its rapid rise of 6%, Bloomberg reports citing analysis data from Citigroup and… Read More »

Belarus and Russia agree on debt cancellation

Governments will hold negotiations on the refinancing of billions of dollars, which will help to support the foreign exchange market. Lukashenka says. Prime Ministers of Belarus and Russia Roman Golovchenko and Mikhail Mishustin will hold talks on Thursday, August 27, on the refinancing of billions of dollars of debt. This was announced at a meeting in Minsk by… Read More »

The U.S. blacklists three Russian research institutes

The U.S. Department of Commerce’s Bureau of Industry and Security has blacklisted (.pdf) three Russian research centers. U.S. authorities suspect these centers of links to Russian chemical weapons and biological weapons programs. The 33rd Central Research And Research Institute of the Russian Defense Ministry (33rd CNII; is a leading research organization in the field of radiation, chemical, and… Read More »

Poisoned Navalny could cost Russia Nord Stream-2

The poisoning of opposition politician Alexei Navalny could negatively affect further Russian-German relations and cost Moscow the Nord Stream-2 gas pipeline. This was announced by political scientist Alexander Sosnovsky, who emigrated to Germany in the 1990s and has been living there ever since. The political scientist is sure that what happened to Navalny plays into the hands of… Read More »

Joe Biden actually promises to kill the American economy

The American media is delighted with the determination and ruthless principled news shown by Joe Biden in his recent interview with ABC. The excitement is caused by the fact that Biden intends to once again introduce a strict nationwide quarantine with total restrictions of economic activity, in case of the continuation of the epidemic, thus demonstrating an approach… Read More »