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Forbes stripped Kylie Jenner of billionaire status

American Forbes magazine recalled the status of billionaire from TV star and businesswoman Kylie Jenner. The reason was the decline in sales of her brand due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the 360 ​​channel reported. Analysts of the publication reevaluated the condition, relying on the data of Coty, which acquired in November last year 51% of the cosmetic company… Read More »

Movie star Taxi gets coronavirus

The famous actress contracted COVID-19 with her husband. The stars have fully recovered. French actress Marion Cotillard and her husband, director, and actor Guillaume Canet contracted a coronavirus infection. They reported the disease only after their full recovery, writes Paris Match. The 44-year-old movie star Taxi, Johnny D. and Immigrant and her 47-year-old husband had mild illness. The… Read More »

21-year-old rapper killed in Canada

They started shooting at a rapper and his friend from a car. The musician died, two people were hospitalized. In Canada, they shot dead 21-year-old rap artist Dimardgio Jenkins, known as Houdini. A fatal incident occurred in Toronto. The singer was shot at from a car. Two more people were injured, writes Toronto Sun. The musician walked with… Read More »

The parrot will testify in court on the murder of the mistress

In Argentina, a court decided to interrogate a parrot in a murder case, The incident occurred in Buenos Aires. In 2018, 46-year-old Elizabeth Toledo, who rented a room to three men, was raped and brutally murdered. Two of its tenants became suspects in the case – 51-year-old Miguel Saturinho Rolon and 62-year-old Jorge Raul Alvarez. The third man… Read More »

Named areas where it is easiest to become billionaires

Analysts called the areas where it is easiest to get rich. Most wealthy earned their money in finance. Researchers at Wealth-X ranked the areas in which it is easiest to make a fortune and become a billionaire. Specialists analyzed a database of millionaires with a fortune of more than five million dollars to find out how and where… Read More »