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Forbes named the most highly paid actresses of 2020.

Revenues, which were calculated by the business edition, the actresses received from May 2019 to May 2020. Forbes has compiled a rating of the highest-paid actresses in the world, with ten participants. The corresponding list was published by the publication on Friday, October 2. First place was taken by the Colombian-American actress and model Sofia Vergara, known from… Read More »

Wise advice made a star of social networks from an elderly Indian woman.

Everyone will recognize his mother in it. India’s 64-year-old Punam Sapra has become famous worldwide for her unusual blog motherwithsign (“Mom with a Plate”). In it, the woman publishes her photos with different inscriptions: sometimes parently instructive and caring, sometimes funny and sometimes encouraging. It all started when her son Pranav was inspired by similar accounts in social… Read More »

Kanye West “slept” his page with icons

The artist has published more than 40 posts in a row with images of different icons with a single signature. The famous American rapper Kanye West frightened his fans by “sleeping” his Twitter account with icons. The artist made his first post three hours ago. In it, he posted an image of Moses and a signature: “This is… Read More »

25-year-old supermodel Gigi Hadid became a mother

25-year-old supermodel Gigi Hadid became a mother. The child was born last weekend. The girl reported it in her post at “Instagram”. She posted a photo with the child’s pen and the hand of her chosen ex-soloist of One Direction Zeyn Malik. According to Gigi, her daughter had already changed their world. A similar photo with the firstborn’s… Read More »

Sylvester’s 98-year-old mother Stallone died.

Sylvester’s 98-year-old mother Stallone died. Actor Sylvester Stallone this week lost his mother Jacqueline Stallone. The American portal TMZ reported that the famous astrologer and the actor’s mother died in the 99th year of life. Reasons for Jacqueline’s death are not yet known, as well as details of the farewell to her. Stallone was also known as a… Read More »

Emma Stone secretly got married – the media.

Emma Stone secretly got married – the media. American actress Emma Stone secretly married director Dave Mackery. The paparazzi noticed Emma and Dave with the same gold rings during the next walk. Journalists then concluded that the star couple secretly got married. Recall that this spring they had to cancel the celebration because of the coronavirus pandemic. Also… Read More »

In Vietnam, “restored” condoms were sold

Vietnamese police detained a group of people who were buying used condoms and selling them after the “recovery”. A total of 345,000 used condoms were confiscated by the tourist country’s law enforcement officials. Vietnamese state television channel VTV this week showed a report on how a warehouse in the southern province of Binh Dong found a dozen large… Read More »