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Named areas where it is easiest to become billionaires

Analysts called the areas where it is easiest to get rich. Most wealthy earned their money in finance. Researchers at Wealth-X ranked the areas in which it is easiest to make a fortune and become a billionaire. Specialists analyzed a database of millionaires with a fortune of more than five million dollars to find out how and where… Read More »

Died one of the richest businessmen in China

The owner of Asia’s largest casino chain died in 99 years of life, he has 17 children left from four marriages. In China, at the age of 98, the billionaire Stanley Ho died, who was considered the patriarch of Asia’s largest casino empire and one of the richest people in the region. On Tuesday, May 26, reference to… Read More »

American billionaires get rich in a pandemic

Most of all, amid the pandemic, Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos earned. His wealth increased by $ 34.6 billion.   Billionaires from the United States have increased their wealth, despite the coronavirus pandemic, according to a study by Americans for Tax Fairness and the Institute for Policy Studies.   During the period from March 18 to May 19, people… Read More »

Media published a summary of Meghan Markle 10 years ago

The summary states that Markle was engaged in kickboxing, boxing, and martial arts, and also studied ballet, jazz dance, and tap dance. Mirror published a long-standing summary of the Duchess of Sussex Meghan Megan, which she wrote about 10 years ago. According to the information in the document, Megan’s height is 167 cm, and the weight was at… Read More »