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Antares missile sent Cygnus to ISS

Antares launch vehicle with cargo ship Cygnus was launched from the cosmodrome on the island of Wallops (Virginia, USA) in the Atlantic Ocean. The spacecraft is to deliver to the International Space Station about 3.6 tons of cargo: food, basic necessities, equipment for the station, and instruments for scientific research. This flight of Cygnus is the third under… Read More »

Russia may send an urgent mission to find life on Venus

The Russian Venus research program includes three missions in 2029-2034, but it may be supplemented by an urgent dispatch of a station in 2027 to search for signs of life in the atmosphere of this planet, said a representative of the Lavochkin NGO (Roscosmos enterprise). In September, British and American scientists announced the discovery of phosphine in the… Read More »

A network of salty lakes was found at the South Pole of Mars.

Researchers from the European Space Agency (ESA) reported on the discovery of a network of salt reservoirs under the glacier at the southern pole of Mars. Science Alert writes about the discovery, pointing out that new natural water reservoirs were found near the already known large underground Martian polar lake. It was discovered back in 2018. At that… Read More »

The exchange of bodies is real. Scientists have described the pros and cons of the resettlement of souls.

Swedish neurobiologists have found that virtual body exchange changes the character and self-perception of people. Body illusions have a serious impact on memory and attitudes to the surrounding reality. This means that situations from fantastic movies and books, when the hero remains in a foreign form, are simply impossible. Complete transformation. Last October, researchers from the Karolinska Institute… Read More »

Salt water lakes were found on Mars.

Italian scientists have discovered a network of salt lakes under the glaciers at the southern pole of Mars, reports the magazine Nature Astronomy. The discovery was made by astronomers based on data from the orbital probe Mars Express, obtained in the period from 2010 to 2019. According to researchers, the network consists of four reservoirs, the largest of… Read More »

First HIV cured patient to die from leukemia

The man was considered to be the only person who had completely gotten rid of the infection. He fought against leukemia for five months. The American Timothy Brown, who was the first person in the world to be cured of HIV, died of leukemia. This was reported on the man’s Facebook page by his partner Tim Hefgen. According… Read More »

Found a new way to kill cancer cells

American scientists from the Sanford Bernham Prebis Research Institute have revealed a new way to fight cancer cells, reports MedicalXpress. The specialists found that blocking the mechanism of building nuclear pores complexes, which is responsible for the transit of materials to and from the nucleus, slows down tumor growth, leaving healthy cells intact. The researchers tested this hypothesis… Read More »