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In Mexico, a powerful earthquake occurred, there are victims

The magnitude of the tremors was 7.4. There is a risk of tsunamis on the Mexican coast and in Ecuador. An earthquake of magnitude 7.4 occurred on the Pacific coast of southern Mexico in Oaxaca. On Tuesday, June 23, the US Geological Survey reported. It is noted that the earthquake was recorded at 15.29 UTC. The epicenter of… Read More »

Scientists have found the largest egg of the dinosaur era

Scientists have found the largest egg of the dinosaur era The weight of the egg is 6.5 kg, the length is almost 30 cm Chilean scientists discovered the egg of prehistoric marine reptiles that lived on Earth 66 million years ago. As reported by the University of Chile, this is the largest of the known finds. The weight… Read More »

NASA showed a shadow on Earth during an eclipse

NASA astronauts from the ISS photographed the shadow of the moon on Earth during a solar eclipse on June 21. Published photos of the type of solar eclipse from space on June 21. A photo posted by NASA astronaut Chris Cassidy on Twitter. “A very cool view of the circular solar eclipse that was on the starboard side… Read More »

A strong earthquake struck the border between India and Myanmar

The quake epicenter was located 18 kilometers east of the small town of North Vanleifay. An earthquake of magnitude 5.8 occurred on the border of India and Myanmar. This was reported by the US Geological Survey (USGS) on the night of Monday, June 22. The earthquake was recorded at 22.40 UTC The quake epicenter was located 18 kilometers… Read More »

Facebook will support organizations owned by blacks

The social network Facebook will spend $ 200 million to support businesses and organizations owned by blacks, said Facebook’s chief operating officer Cheryl Sandberg on the company’s blog. “The past few weeks have forced us to confront the reality of violence and injustice that black community members face daily. We have combined the ideas of different groups of… Read More »

Alcoholic monkey was left without a drink and killed a man

In India, an alcoholic monkey killed one person and injured another 250. The aggressive behavior of the animal is explained by the fact that the monkey has run out of alcohol, the Daily Mail writes. The primate, nicknamed Kalua, used to be the occultist’s pet, who gave the animal strong alcoholic drinks. However, after the owner died, an… Read More »

Edible robot developed in Austria

Austrian scientists have created an edible robot. It has been working efficiently for a year. If the robot is thrown into the trash, the device will decompose. Johannes Kepler, an Austrian university engineer, created a robot to eat. The device is a robotic trunk of an elephant, which bends and can take objects. The shell material is made… Read More »