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No air leakage was detected in the American segment of ISS

A specialist of the Flight Control Center in Houston told the International Space Station Commander Christopher Cassidy that no air leak had been detected in the American part of the station and that the negotiations were being broadcast by NASA. “The American segment looks good,” said Cassidy, the Flight Control Center specialist, answering the question of which station… Read More »

Experts have calculated how many sharks can be killed for COVID vaccine

Experts based in California group of shark protectors said that 500 thousand sharks can be killed to produce vaccines against coronavirus COVID-19, the newspaper Telegraph wrote. It is reported that one part of some potential vaccines against COVID-19 is squalene, which is produced in the liver of sharks. British pharmaceutical company GlaxoSmithKline is currently using squalene from shark… Read More »

Russia has invented a unique method of material testing for NPP reactors

Tomsk Polytechnic University offered a new tool for research of structural materials of nuclear reactors that has no analogs in the world – the so-called accelerated atom bundles. With their help it is possible to check new materials for radiation resistance much faster, says the press service of the university. The results of the study, which TPU specialists… Read More »

A revolutionary natural antibiotic was discovered in Russia

Scientists from Tyumen State University (Tyumen State University) together with their Russian colleagues have found a universal natural antibiotic overcoming the resistance of pathogens to medicines. The text of the study was published in the journal Applied Biochemistry and Microbiology. The authors argue that the found substance will help to effectively fight most infectious diseases of humans and… Read More »

New Russian device will help detect any viruses in the air

A detector with record sensitivity capable of detecting the presence of any viruses in the air even at minimal concentration was developed by scientists of the National Nuclear Research University “MEPHI”. (NIIAU MIFI). The system is several times more compact and accurate than its analogs, which makes it the optimal means of rapid diagnosis in places of mass… Read More »

Microstroke biomarkers found

American scientists have found human blood biomarkers that will help doctors not miss a micro stroke. The results of the study have been published in the journal Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences. Researchers from Case Western Reserve University have been working for several years to identify biomarkers that can be used to determine damage to brain… Read More »

Named a factor reducing the risk of death from coronavirus

American scientists have found out that patients with COVID-19 with normal blood levels of vitamin D have a significantly lower number of serious cases and deaths than those who have its deficit. The results of the study have been published in the journal PLOS ONE. Scientists at Boston University School of Medicine have analyzed how vitamin D levels… Read More »

Scientists called the main “trick” of coronavirus

Slowing down the body’s response to the invasion of infection may be a key “trick” coronavirus, told the Bloomberg Agency American virologist Shane Crotty. “The trick is to avoid an initial congenital immune response over a significant period of time and, in particular, to avoid an early type I interferon response,” he said. “Vector,” told about the formation… Read More »

The girl more than eight years fed only chips and bread.

In the UK, a girl under ten years old was eating only chips and bread because of an unusual disease. This is reported by Fox News. Until the age of one and a half, Martha Davis ate the usual food for children of this age. However, later she developed an unusual mental disorder associated with the fear of… Read More »