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Russian hacker Stanislav Lisov deported from USA

Russian programmer Stanislav Lisov, convicted in the US for cybercrime, deported to his homeland. US immigration officials put Lisov on an Aeroflot take-off flight from New York to Moscow. This RIA “Novosti” said the press secretary of the Russian consulate in New York, Alexei Topolsky. In late November, a court in New York sentenced a Russian programmer to… Read More »

Users spent $ 519 billion on the App Store in 2019

In 2019, app store users spent $ 519 billion. This figure is a new record for the company. The U.S. corporation told Apple that apps on the App Store earned $ 519 billion last year. This data is based on a study by Analysis Group. Of this amount, $ 413 billion falls on purchases of goods and services.… Read More »

King Morocco has had a successful heart operation

King Mohammed VI of Morocco underwent a successful heart operation on Sunday, June 14, the local MAP agency reported, citing a statement by doctors. According to the agency, the king was admitted to the hospital with a heart rhythm disorder. The operation performed at the Palais Royal clinic in Rabat was a success. “The operation was completely successful,… Read More »

In China, built a “horizontal skyscraper”

This large-scale project is called Raffles City Chongqing. Four towers at an altitude of 250 meters hold the horizontal structure, which is officially called the “Crystal” (Eng. Crystal). Its length is 300 m and its weight reaches 12,000 tons – most of the “Crystal” had to be carefully lifted to a height with the help of cranes. Crystal… Read More »

WhatsApp users are at risk

Atul Jayaram, a cybersecurity specialist from India, has warned WhatsApp users that their personal data is at risk of leakage. He wrote about this on a blog on the Medium website. According to him, the Click to Chat function was to blame for the insecurity of these messenger users. Its essence lies in the fact that a QR… Read More »

Transplanted male hands became female

Doctors were struck by the phenomenon of adaptation in a girl who received new hands from a male donor. “Big and hairy” initially they quickly lost vegetation, became much more elegant and feminine. A resident of India, Shreya Siddanagowder (Shreya Siddanagowder) went through a transplant of both hands, which were received from a male donor. Further transformation of… Read More »

Offshore Indonesia recorded strong earthquake

The epicenter of the earthquake was located 209 kilometers southwest of the city of Ambon on the island of the same name. On the morning of Tuesday, June 9, an earthquake of magnitude 5.6 occurred off the coast of Indonesia. It is reported by the US Geological Survey (USGS). Tremors were recorded at 04:56 UTC (07:56 Moscow time).… Read More »

Ebola Returns to Central Africa

A new outbreak of the Ebola virus occurred in the Democratic Republic of the Congo. This is with reference to the World Health Organization (WHO) Reuters reports. According to WHO, 12 people were infected in the city of Mbandaka. At the same time, nine have already confirmed the virus, and three have a preliminary diagnosis. Six people have… Read More »

Cristobal Tropical Storm Approaching US

The storm reaches the Gulf Coast on Sunday morning and threatens with flooding in Louisiana and Florida. In the Gulf of Mexico, Cristobal formed a tropical storm and is approaching the US coast. On Saturday, June 6, reports the US National Hurricane Watch Center (NHC). It is expected that Cristobal will reach the Gulf of Mexico by 08:00… Read More »

Zuckerberg has promised that Facebook will improve the content

Mark Zuckerberg states the need to counter racial discrimination Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg said the social network intends to improve content policies, as well as preparing products to counter racial discrimination. Zuckerberg reacted to the discontent of some of his company’s employees with his reaction to President Donald Trump’s conflicting statements with the words “when the robbery begins,… Read More »