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China has not allowed two us warships to enter Hong Kong

USS Green Bay amphibious assault ship was to enter the port of Hong Kong next Saturday. China refused us a request for permission to enter the port of Hong Kong for two American warships. This was said by the official representative of the Pacific Fleet of the US Navy Nate Christensen, Interfax reported on Wednesday, August 14. “The… Read More »

Espresso: the US is worried that Putin will deceive Zelensky

Matthew Bryza, former adviser to the us Secretary of state, Director of European and Eurasian Affairs at the us national security Council (2001-05), the program of Espresso “Studio West with Anton Borkovsky” — about how Putin deceived Sarkozy, about the conditions of the meeting between Trump and Zelensky and Netanyahu as a mediator. — President Zelensky paid a… Read More »

Raped by an entire football team

American Stubenville is not even a town, but a town located in the East of Ohio by the river of the same name with the state name. Apparently, it is a single-industry town, which is full both in America and in Russia. Steel production attracted many local residents and visiting specialists. But with the advent of the crisis,… Read More »

Instead of America, Iran will hit Israel

Against the background of tension between Iran and the United States, various experts began to assume what scenario the conflict between the countries would develop. The very first option was proposed by Donald Trump himself — the United States after the Persians shot down their drone, strike at Iran. According to us President, everything was ready for this,… Read More »

Scratch the Turk, you will find a Slav (and many who else)

As you know, the ethnogenesis of the Turks is quite diverse. Simply put, what of the people not blinded lady the Story of this interesting ethnic group. Direct ancestors of the Turks — Seljuks. It is such a large tribal formation that wandered through Central Asia until the 10th-century ad. (However, it is believed that their homeland is… Read More »


The President of Turkey Recep Tayyip Erdogan held a telephone conversation with the leader of the United States Donald trump, again discussed the question of the purchase by Ankara of the Russian anti-aircraft missile systems s-400.”During the talks, issues of bilateral and regional agenda were discussed. Our President reiterated his proposal to establish a joint working group on… Read More »

Bad oil: Russia dirtied tubes Europe

Belarus scandals, because they do not want deeper integration with Riskanal around dirty Russian oil delivered to Europe through the pipeline “Druzhba”, is growing like a snowball. On the evening of April 24, Polish operator PERN S. A. stated that it could no longer receive contaminated oil from the pipeline “Gomeltransneft Druzhba” — the Belarusian section of the… Read More »