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SpaceX’s “Martian” spacecraft discourages viewers

SpaceX has shown flight tests of its new “Martian” spacecraft. On the web, users share their impressions. Some were dismayed by the appearance of the ship: “Why does it look like a bottle?” The web shares their impressions after the test flight of the new “Martian” ship. The launch was broadcast on NASA’s YouTube channel. The video shows… Read More »

Manicure hike saved woman from cancer

In the UK, a 73-year-old pensioner found out she had lung cancer after going to a beauty salon. This is reported by the Daily Mail. Staffordshire resident Joan Martindale noticed that her fingernails on her hands and feet had changed shape, became wide, wavy, and convex. The woman read on the Internet that such a symptom can speak… Read More »

Your cat is only half domestic!

We are all used to having cats near us. It is difficult to imagine now a house, or an apartment, where there are no these cute and fluffy animals. People give them affection, and they answer them with love and devotion. One gets the impression that it has always been this way. In fact, cats were once wild.… Read More »

Scientists have completely deciphered the X chromosome!

At a time when scientists are looking for interesting topics for research, there are so many mysteries hidden in man himself that their disclosure would do the honor of more than one hundred researchers. Man represents the whole Universe, the understanding of which is extremely reluctant to open. However, the light of science is gradually illuminating the twilight… Read More »