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Turkey decided to share with the U.S. technological secrets of Russian S-400 missile defense systems

Ankara announced that it was sending technical information about the S-400 missile defense system, which was purchased from Russia to the United States. Turkey has officially announced its intention to provide Washington with all technologies related to the Russian Triumphs. Thus, Ankara is trying to stay in the program of obtaining a fifth-generation F-35 fighter, despite the fact… Read More »

Danish journalist names Russian superweapons in Arctic

Emil Rottbell, a journalist for the Danish newspaper Berlingske, described Russian weapons, which are defenseless against the forces of the North Atlantic Alliance in the Arctic, in particular, the Thule and Greenland airbase, According to the author of the article, NATO forces as a whole are “absolutely defenseless” against the Dagger missile systems. He noted the speed and… Read More »

Corning unveils new Gorilla Glass Victus glass

Seeing a new smartphone in a glass case, users dream of buying it. Such devices, indeed, look premium. But the owners of such smartphones dream of something else. The fact that the glass “back” and the front panel are not covered with scratches and “web” after a careless fall. Despite the fact that Corning improves technology, smartphones in… Read More »

Tesla prepares two new electric cars

Elon Musk, meeting with journalists, told about the plans of his company Tesla. In particular, he told about the work of engineers to create two new models. Expanding the lineup is an important step that will allow the brand to reach a large audience by offering each electric car adapted to its needs. One of the cars, according… Read More »

U.S. wants to create a line of communication with Russia on space

The United States offered Russia to create a communication line to prevent conflict situations in outer space. This was announced by Assistant Secretary of State for International Security and Nonproliferation Christopher Ford According to him, it seems more realistic to organize a two-way communication channel than a multilateral one. Ford noted that the creation of a communication line… Read More »

Europe was struck by the flight “Progress MS-15” to the ISS

On the web, they are discussing not only the time-set record of the Russian “Progress” but also an entertaining docking, which made the observers pretty nervous. “Russian style”, “This is crazy!” – users comment on Twitter. The Progress MS-15 transport cargo vehicle set a record by reaching the ISS in 3 hours 18 minutes 31 seconds. In terms… Read More »

Microsoft taught AI to sing!

AI is not just limited to computation and analysis. They are very wide and can be used in a wide variety of areas. The American company Microsoft, for example, is working on an unusual project, the first results of which can be heard right now. Yes, to hear, because we are talking about artificial, but already realistic vocals.… Read More »