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MagSafe wireless charging for iPhone 12 was very slow

The Magnetic Charger for iPhone 12 was not as fast as expected. This conclusion was reached in the Wall Street Journal, having tested the smartphone and the MagSafe charger. The novelty from Apple successively charged wireless Qi-charging, branded MagSafe and wired device. According to the “apple company”, the iPhone 12 should take 7.5, 15, and 20 watts of… Read More »

Conflicts in the world hurt the prestige of Russian S-300 SAMs.

Military conflicts in the ATS, Libya, and NKR have significantly reduced the prestige of the Russian S-300 Favorite anti-aircraft missile systems, as well as the Pantsir MRBM – they are unable to properly resist UAVs. The MIC newspaper writes about it. The use of Turkish-made unmanned aerial vehicles by Baku is of great importance in the Nagorno-Karabakh conflict.… Read More »

EU and Britain impose sanctions for cyberattack on Bundestag

Sanctions were introduced against two Russian citizens and a subdivision of the GRU. The Russian side has repeatedly rejected suspicions of a cyberattack. On Thursday, October 22, the European Union introduced sanctions against two Russians and the 85th Main Center of special services of General Staff of the Armed Forces for a cyberattack on Bundestag in 2015. The… Read More »

Emergency at gas pipeline with Austria Hungary “quenches” Russian gas from storage facilities.

Damages to the gas pipeline were discovered at the Austrian-Hungarian gas interconnection and the Hungarian operator sharply reduced gas supplies from the neighboring country, which is one of the European hubs. The main deficit volumes are covered by underground storage and reduced transit to Croatia. On October 20 employees of Hungarian operator, FGSZ Ltd discovered damages at the… Read More »

Former Apple Chief Designer Ive will develop products for Airbnb

Online service of short-term rent of housing Airbnb has agreed on cooperation with the former chief designer of Apple, Johnny Ive, and his company LoveFrom, Airbnb reports. “Today I am pleased to announce that Joni and his partners at LoveFrom will work with me and the Airbnb team. We have decided to collaborate on a multi-year relationship to… Read More »

Victory is not guaranteed: the U.S. allowed the war with Russia

Russia has more tanks than the U.S., but that will not give it an advantage in the event of armed conflict, says the American military journalist. Recently, the Western press has been publishing more and more stories about a possible U.S.-Russian war. Russia has an advantage over the United States in terms of the number of tanks, although… Read More »

U.S. missile defense cannot intercept Avangard missiles

The U.S. missile defense will not be able to intercept the Avangard missiles because the unit is repelled from dense layers of the atmosphere and is capable of maneuvering,” said Yuri Borisov, Deputy Prime Minister of Russia. He assumed that in the future some countries would create countermeasures to Avangard using laser technologies and electromagnetic pulses, but all… Read More »