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Europe was struck by the flight “Progress MS-15” to the ISS

On the web, they are discussing not only the time-set record of the Russian “Progress” but also an entertaining docking, which made the observers pretty nervous. “Russian style”, “This is crazy!” – users comment on Twitter. The Progress MS-15 transport cargo vehicle set a record by reaching the ISS in 3 hours 18 minutes 31 seconds. In terms… Read More »

Microsoft taught AI to sing!

AI is not just limited to computation and analysis. They are very wide and can be used in a wide variety of areas. The American company Microsoft, for example, is working on an unusual project, the first results of which can be heard right now. Yes, to hear, because we are talking about artificial, but already realistic vocals.… Read More »

A new record for cable data transmission speed has been set!

What is the maximum data transfer rate over fiber optic networks? Cutting-edge tech companies keep reporting their achievements and records. It was recently revealed that Infinera has set an outstanding new speed record. Measurements made it possible to fix it at 800 Gbit / s. At first glance, there is nothing special about this achievement. Such achievements have… Read More »

When will SpaceX launch the Starlink satellite internet test?

Just recently, news sites were full of headlines about how actively Starlink Internet satellites are being launched into orbit. Now the hype around this grandiose project has subsided, but this does not mean at all that the work has stopped. On the contrary, recently it has been reported that SpaceX is moving to such an important stage as… Read More »

Why does a chicken need a backpack?

A backpack hanging on the back is definitely a useful thing. But why does a chicken need it? This is the question that arises first of all when you look at chickens with small boxes that visually resemble backpacks. However, this amazing fact has its own reasonable explanation. The fact is that blood-sucking parasites begin to overpower chickens.… Read More »

Windows got noise reduction function

Residents of large cities every day are faced with the problem of sound pollution. The sounds of transport and production have a negative effect when on the street. There is no salvation from them even in their own apartment. One has only to open the window, they immediately burst into personal space. If you close the windows, the… Read More »

Elon Musk shared a photo of the new Tesla plant

Elon Musk, like no one else, knows how to find moments for intriguing posts. This is probably one of the features of his PR. So, for example, earlier we wrote about such a loud statement as a promise to revolutionize the car manufacturing market. Now Musk has attracted the attention of thousands of users with a photograph of… Read More »

Russian engineers applied superconductivity in electric motors

Superconductivity studies are conducted with dozens of laboratories around the world. Anyone who learns to use this phenomenon to a good advantage will receive a clear technological advantage for several decades. In Russia, they are also working on this problem and have achieved notable successes. Russian engineers recently developed the world’s first electric motor using superconductivity in their… Read More »