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iPhone 12 will take away a set of headphones

In the code of the operating system, iOS 14.2 found confirmation that the new iPhone will lose the complete wired headphones. The find is reported by MacRumors. In iOS 14 and above, there is a mention of reducing the impact of RF energy with the “included headphones”, the very ones that are in the box with the smartphone.… Read More »

Azerbaijani hackers posted photos of Aliyev on Armenian sites

The Azerbaijani Hacking Team hacked into Armenian websites and posted images of the Azerbaijani leader and the dead soldier on them. “Azerbaijani hackers broke into up to 90 Armenian websites and published the words of President Ilham Aliyev,” the team said in the telegram channel. The hackers also posted photos of Azerbaijani soldier Mubariz Ibrahimov who died in… Read More »

Most mobile browsers “leak” user data to third parties

More than 60% of popular mobile browsers transmit the collected data to other organizations. Such conclusions were reached by the experts of the Digital Expertise Center of Roskachestvo, who checked 24 browsers. In addition, the lawyers of the ANO “PravoRobotov” studied the privacy policies of the services for compliance with the Federal Law “On Personal Data” (№ 152-FZ… Read More »

On the ISS found a place of air leakage, the crew is safe

The place of air leakage was found on the International Space Station, it is in the Russian module “Zvezda”. It was reported today, on September 29, in “Roskosmos”. “After analysis and search of the place of air leakage from the ISS atmosphere, it was found that this place is in the service module “Zvezda”, which contains scientific equipment,… Read More »

The end of the oil era is predicted

Total predicted the end of the oil era after 2030. This is reported by Bloomberg. Total analysts are confident that the world will gradually shift to more environmentally friendly energy sources, in particular, natural gas. The company believes that this type of fuel will play a key role in the world market. The demand for electricity will also… Read More »

NASA astronauts trained in water

Astronauts in the demo version of the research suit perform many tasks in preparation for the lunar mission. In NASA’s Johnson Space Center pool in Houston, teams of astronauts test tools and develop training methods for operations on the lunar surface. Video of underwater training is published on NASA Johnson’s YouTube channel. “The astronauts in a demo version… Read More »

The best material for making protective masks has been named

This material, produced under environmentally friendly conditions, “breathes” throughout its use. Cotton, for example, ceases to perform its protective functions after 30 minutes. Scientists at the University of California at Riverside named the material that can most effectively protect against contamination of COVID-19. According to the researchers, it is silk, writes PLOS ONE. Silk, produced in environmentally friendly… Read More »

California will prohibit the sale of “oil” cars by 2035.

California, which accounts for 1% of the world’s oil consumption, will give up cars that run on gasoline and diesel fuel by 2035. Great Britain also has similar plans. “We are facing a climate crisis. We need courageous action. California is gradually abandoning its internal combustion engines. By 2035, every car sold in the state will not make… Read More »