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Air Force fighter crashes in Indonesia

The plane crashed in a residential area near the school. At the same time, potential victims have not yet been reported. On the island of Sumatra, the Hawk 209 Indonesia Air Force fighter crashed. This was reported by The Jakarta Post on Monday, June 15. According to the spokesman for the country’s air force, Fajar Adriyanto, the fighter… Read More »

Telegram crashed globally

Most users have problems connecting to the messenger. Also, messages are not sent. There was a massive crash in the work of the Telegram messenger. On Saturday, June 6, this is evidenced by the data of the Downdetector service, as well as user complaints on social networks. Problems with the messenger were reported by residents in 37 countries,… Read More »

A new Tycoon ransomware virus is surfing the Internet

Tycoon virus encrypts data on the victim’s computer and demands a ransom for their return. For a long time, malware managed to bypass anti-virus programs and go unnoticed on the network. Specialists have identified a new Tycoon computer ransomware virus that manages to bypass antiviruses and go unnoticed for a long time. This was reported by the press… Read More »

Google fixed a filter to view search results for a period

Yesterday, Google employee Danny Sullivan answered a question about problems with the filter, which allows you to view search results for a specified period. In particular, one of the specialists complained on Twitter that this filter did not work, and asked to fix it. Sullivan confirmed that a bug was detected in the filter. It was expected that… Read More »

Why today is better not to invest in gold

The coronavirus epidemic has hit many industries, including the gold market. Experts expressed their opinion on how much this precious metal will rise in price, and whether ordinary citizens should invest in it. According to official estimates, in 2020, approximately 200 thousand tons of gold were mined in the world. 50% of the precious metal received went to… Read More »

Russian combat laser “Peresvet” shot down an Israeli UAV in Syria

In their publications, journalists cite the Sina Military edition, which allegedly suspected “Russian weapons with beam particles” in the destruction of an Israeli drone. The Russian Federation continues to test the latest weapons in Syria. A number of media outlets disseminated information that the latest Russian combat laser system Peresvet was tested on the territory of the SAR.… Read More »

HyPoint startup prepares breakthrough in electric aviation

Aviation is undergoing a transformation. If earlier it was a question of propeller-driven or jet-propelled aircraft, now more and more often we are talking about electric-powered aircraft. This has found more applications in drones, including industrial ones. Gradually, several large companies approached the development of air taxis. It is assumed that in the future it can replace the… Read More »

Biosystems Engineering Robot Cleverly Picks Fruits

The creation of robots has gained a new meaning in recent years. They are created not only as a demonstration of the technology, but also so that they bring real benefits, replacing people in those jobs, the work of robots is more productive. Developers from Biosystems Engineering decided to make a robot for picking fruits. Their recently introduced… Read More »