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The French are suing Nintendo for its “tender” Switch Controllers

The Japanese giant of the gaming industry, Nintendo, has been involved in litigation in France over its handheld console, Nintendo. The lawsuits initiated by a group of buyers, reports Le Monde. The conflict between French gamers and Nintendo was caused by Joy-Con controllers, which can be used either strapped to the set-top box or separately. User dissatisfaction with… Read More »

The Kolpino submarine successfully fired back at Kavkaz-2020.

The submarine Kolpino fired the Kalibr missile system in the Black Sea water area during the Kavkaz-2020 exercise and the target was hit, the Russian Defense Ministry said. “The crew of the submarine of the Black Sea Fleet “Kolpino” fired the Kalibr missile system at the coastal target position at the combat training ground within the Strategic Command… Read More »

The United States presented the sixth generation fighter concept

The new fighter will replace F-35 and F-22. It differs significantly from the previously shown concepts. The US Air Force showed the concept of an unknown aircraft. The photo was published on Air Force Twitter on Wednesday, September 23. Presumably, it may be a sixth-generation fighter project. However, the concept shown differs significantly from the previously presented Lockheed… Read More »

US space forces near Iran. What does it mean

The newly formed US space forces deployed to the Arabian Peninsula as part of the first foreign mission. The U.S. first deployed a squadron of newly formed space forces abroad, at the U.S. base El Oued in Qatar. That happened against the backdrop of Iran’s space ambitions and the White House’s active campaign to extend the arms embargo… Read More »

Apple decided to teach Siri voice assistant Ukrainian language

The American company Apple has placed on its website a vacancy of Annotation Analyst with knowledge of the Ukrainian language. The corresponding vacancy appeared on the site of the company, which thus wants to teach its voice assistant Siri to understand questions and answer users in Ukrainian. Among other requirements to the candidate, besides fluent knowledge of the… Read More »

Facebook spys on Instagram users – media

Facebook was sued for surveillance of users through the front camera iPhone. Thus, the social network supposedly uses cameras to collect data about users. The Federal Court of San Francisco has accepted the claim against Facebook for spying on Instagram users. The lawsuit claims that the front camera iPhone unauthorized use at a time when their owners were… Read More »

Trump: Russia stole information about a hypersonic missile from the U.S.

The President said this at a meeting with voters in Minnesota Russia was able to create a hypersonic missile using information stolen from President Barack Obama’s administration to build it. President Donald Trump announced this Friday night, addressing his supporters at a Minnesota election rally. “You know they have a super-super-sonic missile – I call it a super-super-sonic… Read More »

Russian Tu-160 set a world record

Russian supersonic strategic bombers Tu-160 set a new world record in flight range. This was announced on Saturday, September 19, by Lieutenant General Sergey Kobylash, Commander of the Russian long-range aviation of the Air and Space Forces, “Today two crews of long-range aviation set a new record of range and duration of flight on Tu-160 supersonic strategic missile… Read More »