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Rafale shot down Su-30MKI in air combat without rules

Russian Su-30MKI fighter jets are inferior to the French Rafale in technical indicators. This forced the Indian Ministry of Defense to make a choice in favor of the latter, writes the Indian edition of The Economic Times. Last week, the Supreme Court of India confirmed the legality of the contract of the government of Narendra Modi to buy… Read More »

Yak-130 will beat “Abrams” and “Leopards”

The United Aircraft Corporation intends to modernize the Yak-130 combat training aircraft. As a result, there should be a machine with increased combat qualities. This was announced at the Dubai Airshow 2019 by the head of the KLA Yuri Slusar. The Yak-139 is not just a combat training aircraft, but is largely combat, Slusar said. At the same… Read More »

WhatsApp’s new vulnerability affects all mobile platforms

Following the problem with the rapid battery discharge, WhatsApp users faced a new problem. The discovered vulnerability of the popular messenger can lead to overheating and disabling the smartphone, as well as give hackers control over the device when running the usual multimedia files. Facebook has already recognized the presence of a “hole” in the mobile application for… Read More »

Tests of real 5G networks in China showed a speed of 1000 Mbps

In China, the company conducted the most realistic test of the speed of 5G networks. The results were impressive. In China, the company conducted a realistic 5G network speed test in China, which showed some impressive results. For example, the download speed peaked at 1300 Mbps, and the average figure was about 1000 Mbps, 3D News reported. As… Read More »

NASA reveals unique “dance” of Neptune’s moons

For the observer on Thalassa, Nayada’s movement in the sky will be extremely unusual, zigzag. Neptune Nayad and Talassa’s internal moons are in a unique orbital resonance of 73:69. This resonance means that for the observer located on Thalassa, nada’s movement will be zigzag, according to the NASA website on November 14. Usually, satellites that regularly orbit their… Read More »

SpaceX tests Crew Dragon passenger spacecraft

If several more tests are successful, SpaceX will be ready to launch humans into space on Crew Dragon as early as next year. SpaceX has successfully conducted ground tests of the engines of its first passenger spacecraft Crew Dragon. The successful completion was announced by Elon Musk’s Twitter company. This stage allows the company to move to test… Read More »

NATO to replace AWACS aircraft with artificial intelligence

The Allied airspace surveillance program using AWACS systems has been in place since 1982. NATO plans to replace the fleet of long-range radar detection and control (AWACS) aircraft systems with the latest technologies, including artificial intelligence, in 15 years. This was announced by NATO Secretary-General Jens Stoltenberg during a speech at an industrial forum in Washington, the press… Read More »

Named another extremely dangerous property of sugar

Even a short-term increase in sugar intake can increase the risk of inflammatory bowel disease. Sugar consumption increases the risk of inflammatory bowel disease. This conclusion was reached by Canadian scientists from the University of Alberta. Experiments showed that mice whose diet contained mostly sugar had more damage to intestinal tissue in the case of artificially induced colitis.… Read More »

Japanese probe leaves asteroid Ryugu

The Spacecraft Of Khayabusa-2 headed to Earth with samples of rocks of the celestial body. The Japanese research probe Haayabus-2 on Wednesday, November 13, completed its mission on the asteroid Ryugu and went back to Earth. This was reported by the Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency. The mission to Ryugu lasted about a year and a half, and now… Read More »