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Telegram malfunctioned

The Telegram messenger has suffered a glitch affecting users in several countries, including Russia, Ukraine, and Belarus. This is reported by RBC. Reports of difficulties in the work of the messenger began to arrive in the service Downdetector at about 12:45 Moscow time. The crash peaked at 1:12 p.m., and half an hour later the problems were mostly… Read More »

Experts have identified the strongest cyberstate

Its hackers take an aggressive approach to cyber operations, which are different from other countries. Cybersecurity experts at IntSights have called China the strongest cyber state in the world. This is stated in the company’s report published on its website. China took the reins of power as an outstanding global cyber force, capable of attacking and destroying its… Read More »

Review of the Xiaomi Mi Electric Scooter Essential

Chinese company Xiaomi boasts an incredibly huge range of products. The company at the expense of its subsidiaries produces almost everything: smartphones, computers, laptops, wearable electronics, household appliances, and even toilet paper! And a lot of other products. No smartphone manufacturer on the market can boast the same large range. Of course, in Russia Xiaomi brings a minimal… Read More »

Pilot told about tests of new weapons on Mi-28NM helicopter

Tests of new types of guided weapons are carried out on the Mi-28NM helicopter as part of state tests, The head of the flight services department, senior test pilot of the National Helicopter Center “Mile and Kamov” (part of the Russian Helicopters) Sergey Maslov “The NM is currently testing new types of guided weapons, which significantly increased the… Read More »

Russia and India to create hypersonic cruise missile BrahMos

BrahMos hypersonic cruise missile will be created until 2028, said Alexander Maksichev, co-director of the Russian-Indian joint venture Bramos. “Today, the issue of creating a hypersonic BrahMos rocket is divided into two stages: the first – the creation of a rocket by 2024/25 at a speed of 4-5 Makhov, the second – the creation of missiles until 2026/27… Read More »

Russian Air Force launches revenge operation for general’s death in Syria

Russian warplanes, supported by the SAR air force, attacked ISIL (Russia’s banned organization) positions in eastern Homs, destroying the terrorist group’s hideouts near the administrative border of Deir Ezzor province. This is reported by the same resource. Russia’s air and space forces recently stepped up their operations in central Syria after the jihadists ambushed the Syrian army and… Read More »

Smart Glove InfinityGlove will revolutionize gaming

How exciting would it be if character management were truly simple and intuitive? Conventional gaming controls, such as a mouse, keyboard, or even advanced by modern standards controller, are not able to give gamers the potential that is embedded in some modern games. Developers come to the fact that the most convenient management is achieved – gesture management.… Read More »

S-500 Prometheus surpasses U.S. THAAD

The U.S. THAAD missile defense system could be inferior to Russia’s S-500 surface-to-air missile system, according to Chinese journalists. This was previously said in the German edition of Focus, according to which with the S-500 Russia ahead of other Western countries in the issues of missile defense for 15-20 years. The U.S. Missile Defense Complex (ABM) THAAD has… Read More »

Pentagon to develop cruise missiles to deter Russia

The Pentagon considers it necessary to develop and deploy sea-based nuclear cruise missiles in order to counter Russia. The U.S. military is concerned that Moscow is considering using such weapons in the conflict. The Russian doctrine allows such a scenario only in exceptional cases. Washington should develop and deploy sea-based nuclear cruise missiles to deter Russia, according to… Read More »