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GRU agents stole hypersonic weapons technology from the U.S.

The American media are haunted by Russia’s success in developing hypersonic weapons. They can not believe that Russian scientists and engineers were able to make such a leap in this field on their own that they left the United States far behind. This time, the edition of The Drive clung to the newest Russian anti-ship missile “Circon”. GRU… Read More »

Chechen special forces will train Russian cosmonauts

The resource “Chechen Today” reported sensational news. Between the head of Chechnya Ramzan Kadyrov and the head of the Cosmonaut Training Center Pavel Vlasov reached an agreement that from 2020 part of the training of Russian cosmonauts will take place at the “Russian University of Special Forces” (RUS) in Chechnya. RUS is the first non-state educational institution that… Read More »

Western Air Force to receive missile to fight Panzir-S and S-400

There are reports in the media about the new Cruise Missiles Select Precision Effects At Range Electronic Warfare (SPEAR-EW), jointly developed by Matra BAE Dynamics Alenia (MBDA) and Leonardo. The new cruise missile is supposed to be equipped primarily with fighters of the 4th and 5th generation. According to the plan, the air-to-surface missile will be capable of… Read More »

Invincible “Bulava” and the impetuous “Squall”: What Russian weapons “will conquer the whole world”

Invincible “Bulava” and the impetuous “Squall”: What Russian weapons “will conquer the whole world” NI named Russian weapons that would “conquer the world” and Britain has compiled a list of weapons threatening Russia. Military experts told how justified the fears of the West. Recently, articles about Russian weapons have become more and more common in the Western press.… Read More »

Russian weapons are causing hysterics in Britain!

The Assistant Chief of Staff of the Royal Air Force named the most dangerous types of Russian weapons – s-400 anti-aircraft missile systems, the coastal missile system “Bastion-P” and the operational-tactical complex “Iskander”. The article describes what capabilities these types of Russian weapons have and what they can oppose in the West. Russian missiles, sir! What Russian weapons… Read More »

Russia will crush the U.S. with a gravitational weapon – expert

Energy expert Vladimir Leonov told the magazine “Star” about what weapons “on new physical principles” Putin spoke. Many believe that in his speeches the President of the Russian Federation hinted at the imminent appearance of a powerful combat laser. But this is probably not the case – the expert believes. It’s going to be a quantum generator of… Read More »

Putin’s “Burevestnik” missile will be ready by 2025

U.S. intelligence estimates that Russia’s unrestricted-range cruise missile, the Nuclear-Powered Burevestnik, will be ready for commissioning by 2025. Despite a number of failed tests, according to experts, Putin foresees the emergence of a new generation of defense technologies and tries to act ahead of the curve. U.S. intelligence: Russia’s ‘unlimited” nuclear missile will be ready by 2025 (CNBC,… Read More »

The “Thunderbird” rocket repeats the path of the long-suffering “Bulava”

The United States is jubilant: according to its intelligence report, since 2017, Russia has tested the newest cruise missile “Burevestnik” (SSC-X-9 Skyfall according to NATO classification) with a small-sized overpowered nuclear power plant and all attempts have ended Failures. This was announced with undisguised pleasure by the largest American cable and satellite business news channel CNBC. So what:… Read More »

Su-57 and MiG-35 ‘killer’ prepares for battle

The U.S. Air Force, an informal mouthpiece of the U.S. Air Force, reported that the U.S. Air Force will restore guaranteed sky superiority after 2020, referring to adversaries such as Russia and China. The author of the publication, the head of John Tirpak, nevertheless, acknowledged that Russia and China are reducing the technological gap at a shocking pace.… Read More »