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Putin’s “Burevestnik” missile will be ready by 2025

Putin's "Burevestnik" missile will be ready by 2025

U.S. intelligence estimates that Russia’s unrestricted-range cruise missile, the Nuclear-Powered Burevestnik, will be ready for commissioning by 2025. Despite a number of failed tests, according to experts, Putin foresees the emergence of a new generation of defense technologies and tries to act ahead of the curve. U.S. intelligence: Russia’s ‘unlimited” nuclear missile will be ready by 2025 (CNBC, USA) Reports ...

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The “Thunderbird” rocket repeats the path of the long-suffering “Bulava”

The "Thunderbird" rocket repeats the path of the long-suffering "Bulava"

The United States is jubilant: according to its intelligence report, since 2017, Russia has tested the newest cruise missile “Burevestnik” (SSC-X-9 Skyfall according to NATO classification) with a small-sized overpowered nuclear power plant and all attempts have ended Failures. This was announced with undisguised pleasure by the largest American cable and satellite business news channel CNBC. So what: Americans, in ...

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Su-57 and MiG-35 ‘killer’ prepares for battle

The U.S. Air Force, an informal mouthpiece of the U.S. Air Force, reported that the U.S. Air Force will restore guaranteed sky superiority after 2020, referring to adversaries such as Russia and China. The author of the publication, the head of John Tirpak, nevertheless, acknowledged that Russia and China are reducing the technological gap at a shocking pace. According to ...

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U.S. tested hypersonic missile sled

According to media reports, the sled has developed a speed of up to 10,000. 620 kilometers per hour. The video was published by the U.S. Air Force Test Center. The U.S. Air Force Test Center posted a video of a missile sled on YouTube that managed to reach speeds of 8.6 match (10,620 kilometers per hour) on a railroad track ...

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“Russia has supplied Syria With s-300, because they are safe for Israel»

Recently, some Western publications specializing in military issues published materials on the Iran-Israel conflict. For example, the notorious National Interest magazine asked to consider how likely is the invasion of the Israeli aircraft in the airspace of Iran. It all starts with a very entertaining story, which became famous in late May last year. Then the Iranian media published information ...

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Limit foreigners in “Yandex” and Group

State Duma Deputy from “United Russia” Anton Gorelkin on the last day of the spring session introduced amendments to the Parliament, which limit the right of foreigners to own and manage information important for the development of infrastructure Internet resources. As in the situation with officially registered media, ownership of foreigners and foreign companies is limited to 20% of shares ...

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Became known characteristics of the PlayStation 5 console

The output of the console is expected next year. According to preliminary information, the characteristics of it will be very powerful. The Network has information about the Sony console, the output of which is expected next year. The characteristics of the gadget were published by the website Hothardware. It is assumed that we are talking about the top version of ...

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Go SpaceX: USA crawling into big space

It seems that the advertised plans of “conquest of the moon and Mars” are postponed indefinitely In March this year, the American company SpaceX has achieved another victory: the carrier rocket Falcon 9 put into orbit the ship Crew Dragon, which successfully docked with the International space station (ISS). Then the ship returned to Earth so that many fans of ...

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The future of “Superjet-100” fell into the zone of poor visibility

On Tuesday it became known that Aeroflot canceled all flights of Superjet-100 from Vilnius to Moscow and back. Some flights of this liner within Russia have also been canceled or postponed. However, the carrier associated this with the temporary closure of the runway in Sheremetyevo. On the ban of flights “Superjet” — by analogy with the recent ban Boeing 737 ...

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