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In the Snowden case, the U.S. inflicted a terrible defeat on itself

The former NSA employee, who exposed a massive u.S. surveillance system created around the world in 2013, talks about his journey in the book “Personal Case,” which is due out in France on September 19. Excerpts from the book are quoted by the French edition. Speaking of political asylum in Russia, Snowden believes that the United States itself… Read More »

A crack in the U.S.-Sionist axis

Researcher Abdel Hei Zulu believes that there is a secret alliance between the U.S.-zionist forces and some Arab regimes that serves Israel’s national security interests. They consider the annexation of additional occupied territories and the struggle against Iran and its allies, which pose a threat to the national security of American hegemony, as the key to this security.… Read More »

U.S. criticizes ‘Thunderbird’, Beijing to make concessions to Washington

On September 12, foreign media reported on a report by The United States intelligence, which learned about Russia’s five failed tests of the Burevestnik cruise missile. Donald Trump has spoken about the main mistakes of his fired national security adviser John Bolton. Oligarch Oleg Deripaska received “assistance from the Kremlin” when he came under harsh sanctions from Washington.… Read More »

Trump: Bolton made very big mistakes

The American leader commented on the resignation of his national security adviser. U.S. President Donald Trump has said that his fired adviser John Bolton made big mistakes and did not find common ground with important people in the White House. The American leader told journalists about this on September 11, TASS reports. According to Trump, Bolton did not… Read More »

In the U.S., the train derailed and caught fire

One of the carriages was carrying a flammable liquid methyl isobutyl ketone, which is used as a solvent. In the U.S. state of Illinois, a freight train derailed and caught fire. This was reported by the New York Post on Tuesday, September 10, citing the union Pacific railway company. The accident happened near the town of Dupo. At… Read More »

Cargo plane crashes in U.S.

The plane carrying car parts crashed near the airport. There were two people on board. Not far from the airport of the city of Toledo in the U.S. state of Ohio crashed cargo plane with car parts on board, WTVG reported on Wednesday, September 11. Onboard the plane was two people, their fate is still unknown. After the crash,… Read More »

U.S. warplanes almost double that of Russia and China combined

Facebook-community AirPower has calculated how many combat aircraft are operated in the world. And how they are distributed across countries. There is nothing particularly sensational in the top ten. Is that, some advantage of China in relation to Russia. As well as the absence of a rather militarized Israel in the top 10. The peculiarity of the rating… Read More »

Us policy leads to the destruction of arms agreements

The destructive policy of the White House leads to the destruction of earlier agreements on arms control, including the INF, said the head of the International Committee of the Federation Council Konstantin Kosachev at a meeting of the Committee on Monday. The International Committee of the SF on Monday supported the law introduced by the President of the… Read More »


The Washington Post reported cyber attacks against Iranian missile control systems by the United States. In addition, Iran’s Maritime counterintelligence, which controls the movement of ships in the Strait of Ormuz, could be under attack. However, there is a possibility that these hacker attacks are not true. Tehran strongly denies the success of cyber attacks. It is possible… Read More »