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Pompeo and Volker summoned for questioning

The U.S. Secretary of State and the special representative for Ukraine were summoned for questioning because of the situation with Trump and Zelinsky. The U.S. House of Representatives has summoned Secretary of State Mike Pompeo for questioning because of a scandal with the conversation between President Donald Trump and the leader of Ukraine Vladimir Zelensky, CNN reports. Kurt… Read More »

Congress backs impeachment investigation into Trump

Support for a vote to impeach Donald Trump itself is growing, more than 75 members of the House of Representatives in three days. The U.S. House of Representatives voted in favor of a resolution investigating the impeachment of President Donald Trump. This is reported by CNN on Friday, September 27. 184 congressmen voted against it. The publication notes… Read More »

After the call to Kiev. Is Trump threatening impeachment

The announcement of the scandalous conversation with Zelinsky is expected today. In the meantime, Democrats have launched a procedure to remove the president from power. The U.S. launched the procedure of impeachment of President Donald Trump, the reason for which was a scandal, which erupted because of a phone conversation with his Ukrainian counterpart Vladimir Zelensky on July… Read More »

What Trump Said to Green and Why He Faces Impeachment

Opponents of the incumbent American president seem to be even more determined than in the case of accusations of collusion with Russia Trump accused of betrayal Democrats still decided to try to impeach U.S. President Donald Trump. First, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi met behind closed doors with several Democratic representatives. She then went to reporters and announced that… Read More »


U.S. House of Representatives Speaker Nancy Pelosi, a Democrat, said Congress is beginning impeachment proceedings against President Donald Trump. “I am announcing today that the House of Representatives is launching a formal investigation (within the framework of) impeachment,” Pelosi said in a special address. the security and integrity of our elections.” After the speech, Pelosi declined to answer… Read More »

Near the American school there was the second shooting in a week

The network published footage of an armed confrontation that unfolded near a school in Chester, Pennsylvania in the northeast of the United States On the morning of last Friday, September 20, two men decided to find out the relationship. Both disputes chose firearms as arguments. The suspects ran after each other around a car parked in the street… Read More »

Why is CNN looking for Putin’s army in CAR?

The U.S. is concerned that Russia has managed to gain a foothold in 10 countries in Africa. CNN and other Western media are looking for traces of “Wagner’s CVC” in CAR to cast a shadow over the expansion of Washington’s threatening Russian influence The United States is closely monitoring Russia’s strengthening in the Central African Republic (CAR). In… Read More »