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Protesters in Portland used Molotov cocktails against police

Demonstrators in the U.S. City of Portland, where protests have been going on for about 100 days, used Molotov cocktails against local law enforcement officers, according to the city police. The demonstration, which began on Saturday evening, was soon declared a riot. In Portland, protesters set fire to a building in front of the mayor’s house It’s a… Read More »

Several boats sank on a lake in Texas in support of Trump

Several boats sank during a parade in support of U.S. President Donald Trump on Lake Travis in Texas, according to the local sheriff’s office. The Travis County Sheriff’s Office received many calls asking for help from boats in distress at the Trump Memorial Parade on Lake Travis. Several boats sank,” the company said in a Twitter post. The… Read More »

Trump speaks out about Navalny

U.S. President Donald Trump has spoken out about the situation with Alexei Navalny. Trump said the U.S. side has so far no evidence that Navalny poisoned. “But I’ll study it,” he said. At the same time, the president said that he has no reason not to believe in the conclusions of Germany. However, the U.S. does not have… Read More »

Kanye West submits new bids for US presidential election

The famous rapper has already managed to register as an independent candidate in 10 American states. American rapper Kanye West has applied to register as a candidate for the U.S. presidency in Kentucky and Mississippi. This was reported by the portal TM’. “Our team is pleased to consider this application and the approximately 19,000 signatures attached to it… Read More »

U.S. Nuclear Bombers Flew Near Crimea

U.S. strategic bombers Boeing B-52H Stratofortress, capable of carrying nuclear weapons, flew near Crimea, according to data from the resource PlaneRadar. According to the portal, two U.S. Air Force planes took off from Fairford base, flew through the Netherlands, Germany, and Poland, and approached the peninsula from the territory of Ukraine. The distance from the Russian border was… Read More »

Twitter hid Trump’s mail-order messages

Twitter posted a warning to two posts by US President Donald Trump about mail-order voting, saying they were breaking the rules. “We posted a warning in the public communities of two tweets in this thread for violating the policy of civil unity, namely for calling on people to vote,” – said the Twitter security service. In a warning… Read More »

U.S. court finds illegal Snowden surveillance of intelligence agencies

An appeals court in California ruled that surveillance of the public by former National Security Agency (NSA) employee Edward Snowden in 2013 was illegal. This is reported by Reuters. Collecting phone records of U.S. citizens without the permission of the courts violates the “Act on Unspoken Surveillance for Foreign Intelligence.” It is noted that this decision was made… Read More »

Kedmi named the reasons for the inevitable collapse of the United States

The United States of America is essentially a “strange state” consisting of 50 actors, not united by anything but the army and foreign policy. Israeli political analyst Yakov Kedmi said this on the YouTube channel Voice of Truth. According to the expert, usually states unite to jointly confront external threats or realize common interests, but the United States… Read More »

‘Don’t come back’: New Yorkers don’t want to accept the rich

New York and other megacities are predicted to collapse, associated with remote work, which survived in many companies even after the abolition of the regime of self-isolation. Now the residents of the financial center are not enthusiastic about their return. They believe that the city will only be transformed in the absence of the rich: it will become… Read More »

U.S. imposes restrictions on Chinese diplomats

They will have to get approvals for some visits, meetings, and events High-ranking Chinese diplomats working in the U.S. will have to get permission from the U.S. government to attend or hold some grassroots events, Secretary of State Mike Pompeo announced. “The State Department has created a mechanism requiring high-ranking Chinese diplomats to receive approval to visit university… Read More »