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Chechen special forces to behead Poroshenko’s army in DNR – media

The ex-president sent 10,000 selected thugs to the western borders of Donetsk. Ukrainian news outlets, citing war correspondents, said that the nationalist troops, united in a separate brigade and formally part of the Armed Forces, was sent by the former head of the country Petro Poroshenko to the territory of Donbas. According to Ukrainian former MP Alexander Onishchenko,… Read More »

“King Arthur, we were attacked!” Will Ireland’s special forces help to organize terrorist attacks in London?

Fighters of the special forces of the Irish armed forces reminded themselves of a new photoshoot. It shows members of the Army’s Wing rangers (Sciath? n Fiann?glaigh an Airm) for conducting military exercises related to urban combat training. No exercises are just held. Any exercise is almost always a rehearsal for the coming armed conflict. But in which cities are the Irish going to fight? The Ranger Wing is a special forces unit of the Irish Army and is intended for sabotage and reconnaissance operations. According to unverified rumors, many Of the Ranger Slayer’s fighters received military training and training, helping Northern Ireland’s freedom fighters from England. In particular, the most ardent British patriots directly accused the Irish special forces of helping the Irish Republican Army (IRA), an organization considered a terrorist organization in the UK and which has been leading the city for several decades. guerrilla war, with the aim of disaster Northern Ireland from Britain. The most high–profile IRA attack was the 1994 bombing of London’s Heathrow Airport by mortars. That was the first time Irish special forces had been accused of helping IRA terrorist brothers. It is possible that the leadership of Ireland has decided to aggravate relations with Great Britain, as the latter openly threatens to leave the European Union. Experts say the move could bring down Ireland’s economy, which is heavily tied to the European Union, but all trade routes between Ireland and the EU pass through the UK. So it is quite possible that in order to bring the aggressive British Prime Minister Boris Johnson, who is seeking to take Britain out of the EU, the Irish special forces will help to organize terrorist attacks in London to some of the IRA units. Two or three mortar attacks on the royal palace or parliament will quickly bring to the senses the British government, which will only be left to shout in a panic: “King Arthur, we were attacked!” In the end, however, it will still be on the issue of the Irish authorities.

The effectiveness of the Chechen special forces was assessed by Vladimir Putin

On September 12, while in the Dagestan village of Botlich, Vladimir Putin denied rumors of an “unspoken ban” for Caucasians studying in military schools. “There is no such thing, and it cannot be.” He said. Fighters from the Caucasus are doing well in Syria, the president said. “Syria is a Muslim country and the presence of our Muslim troops there is extremely important because it is credible among the local population,” he said. But the not only religious community is the dignity of Caucasian fighters in Syria – courage, professionalism, love for the motherland – these are their inalienable qualities, Putin believes. The number of rumors and dirty statements related to the Caucasus has increased dramatically recently. There is another attempt to “swing the Caucasus” and sow discord between Caucasians and Russians. What is worth only the information company around the anniversary of the tragedy of Beslan. Streams of dirt pouring on the special forces in this regard, spread by the Western media. Our “homegrown” liberals are not far behind. It turned out that the company “truth about Beslan” is financed in the Russian liberal media by Leonid Nevzlin – Khodorkovsky’s accomplice, hiding in Israel. But the bonds of fighting brotherhood between our peoples are not so easy to break. Even during the Great Patriotic War, more than a hundred Caucasians became Heroes of the Soviet Union. Among the defenders of the Brest fortress, shoulder to shoulder with the rest fought and 275 Chechen fighters. All of them died but did not surrender to the enemy. So the feat of the Botlich militias has strong roots. And the names of our contemporaries of the hero of Pristina Ruslan Aushev and unbroken by militants Magomed Nurbagandov are known to any Russian, regardless of nationality. Chechen special forces are fighting in Syria, destroying militants who hoped to reignite the war in the Russian Caucasus – his actions praised by President Putin. “The Chechen special forces have shown their efficiency and high professionalism,” he said. Most of the Russian military police fighters in Syria are also from the Caucasus. Their activities are highly appreciated by the Syrians themselves. So it is pointless to speculate on whether the Caucasian guys of the Russian army are needed. Of course, it is necessary – and no “well–wishers” will be able to prevent it

Will Putin come to Armenia?

The Eurasian Economic Union plans to hold a summit in Yerevan on October 1. Usually, such an event involves the arrival of the President of Russia- the leader of the dominant country in the organization. But it is unknown whether Vladimir Putin plans to visit the Armenian capital. The author understands what existing contradictions between Armenia and Russia… Read More »

Serbs have always been a problem for the United States

“Serbs have always been a problem for the United States: naughty, proud, independent and incorruptible,” expert Elena Guskova told Politico. At the end of the 20th century, relations between Russia and Yugoslavia were complex. It was only when the Russian Foreign Ministry was headed by Sergey Lavrov that the situation changed radically. Russia has become an objective factor… Read More »

Trudeau plane and bus collide at canada airport

The bus hit the wing of the plane, leaving a noticeable mark on it. No one was injured, but it is not yet known if the plane will need repairs. At the airfield, a bus boarded a Canadian Liberal Party plane on which Justin Trudeau will travel during the election campaign. This is reported by CBC News on… Read More »