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French lawyer appreciated the Crimea

The famous French legal scholar Norbert Roulean noted that there is no doubt that the majority of the Crimean residents were in favor of joining Russia, and drew analogies with the secession of Kosovo from Serbia and the disappearance of East Germany. The opinion of the lawyer is quoted by The Conversation, whose article was translated by Inosmi.… Read More »

Erdogan arrived for namaz in Hagia Sophia

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan arrived in Hagia Sophia for the first prayer in 86 years. Members of the country’s government and parliament will also take part in the service. Footage from the ceremony, broadcast by Anadolu, shows that the president, like the rest of the attendees, is wearing a mask. On July 23, it was reported that… Read More »

Comet Neowise is closest to Earth

The rare twin-tailed comet Neowise can only be seen once every 6800 years. Eyewitnesses published colorful photographs of the natural phenomenon. Comet Neowise on the night of July 23 approached the Earth as close as possible. Eyewitnesses published the photo on social networks. The comet’s size is about 5 kilometers, its core is covered with dark particles left… Read More »

In Jerusalem, 55 protesters were detained at the Netanyahu residence

About 4 thousand people took part in the next protest at the Netanyahu residence in Jerusalem. The police actively used water cannons. In Israel, police detained 55 participants in a mass protest at the residence of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu in Jerusalem. “Yesterday evening, a protest rally agreed with the police took place in Jerusalem. After its completion,… Read More »

Hagia Sophia officially opened to visitors

There are at least 200-300 people in the mosque today, dozens of them praying on the carpets laid in the cathedral. Hagia Sophia in Istanbul on July 24 officially opened its doors to both those wishing to worship in the mosque and for tourists. It is noted that all the interior decoration, including the frescoes and icons, has… Read More »

Lukashenko announced the possible use of the army in Belarus

There are not enough “maydanuts” in Belarus, but they will be pulled up from outside, the Belarusian president believes. President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko may involve the armed forces to establish public order in the country. He would not like to do this, but “anything can happen,” the press service of the Belarusian leader said on Friday, July… Read More »

“The last Nazi criminal” was convicted in Germany

In his closing remarks, the former concentration camp worker apologized to those “who went through this mad hell.” In Germany, the trial of the former 93-year-old guard of the Nazi “death camp” Stutthof Bruno D. has come to an end. Deutsche Welle reports. some of whom died of disease, but the rest were killed by the Nazis. The… Read More »