Cepkalo prepares documents on Lukashenko and his entourage for The Hague.

By | September 14, 2020
Cepkalo prepares documents on Lukashenko and his entourage for The Hague.

Former presidential candidate Valery Tsepkalo said that a group of foreign lawyers is preparing documents to bring the Belarusian leader Alexander Lukashenko to justice in an international court in The Hague. He also noted that “it will be more than enough” if European sanctions are imposed only against Lukashenko and his entourage.
“I think it will be more than enough if personal sanctions are imposed on Lukashenko and his family,” Cepkalo said on Monday during a strip on his YouTube channel, answering the question of what the EU sanctions policy should be.

According to him, sanctions should also apply to financial funds and commercial organizations that “carry out transactions of trust management by Lukashenko.
President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko and Russian President Vladimir Putin at the plenary session of the VI Forum of Regions of Russia and Belarus in Moscow.
Cepkalo also said that testimonies of people who suffered in the first days after the presidential elections, when protests were brutally suppressed by law enforcement agencies, are now being collected.
“These documents and facts will be presented in international courts … All these facts will be presented in an international court in The Hague … We already have a group of foreign lawyers who are preparing all the necessary documents,” said the politician, hoping to hold the incumbent president accountable in this work.
“There is a serious aspect to persons who are directly involved in torture, beatings … There is a precedent in U.S. courts … people who have been involved will receive something that they will not be able to conduct any financial transactions abroad,” Cepkalo said.
According to him, if a person gets into such a “blacklist”, then during the transaction, which he makes through the international payment system, the money will be deducted from the account and the service will not be provided to him.

“Any financial transactions of these people will be frozen. This will not only apply to foreign territory, but also to transactions with cards (cashless payments – ed.) within the Republic of Belarus,” – explained the politician. He noted that his team is now carefully engaged in this topic.
Mass opposition protests began across Belarus on August 9, after the presidential election, which, according to the CEC, Lukashenko won for the sixth time with 80.1% of the vote. The opposition believes that Svetlana Tikhanovskaya won the election. During the first days of the rallies, the law enforcement agencies suppressed the protesters who disagreed with the results, using tear gas, water cannons, light-noise grenades, and rubber bullets.
According to official data, over 6.7 thousand people were detained during the first days. As the Interior Ministry reported, hundreds of people were injured in the riots then, including more than 130 law enforcement officers. The authorities reported the death of three protesters.