Charles Schumer are in a world of trouble and his career could be coming to a close quickly

By | February 5, 2020
Charles Schumer are in a world of trouble and his career could be coming to a close quickly

Senate Minority Leader and New York Sen. Charles Schumer are in a world of trouble and his career could be coming to a close quickly.
People like the senator have placated and helped advance the progressive wing of their party and now the time has come to pay the price.
Rumors have been circulating that New York Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is contemplating a run for Schumer’s spot in the Senate and the frightening part is that she can win.

“I think she will kick his a**,” the president said in a luncheon with television anchors before the State of the Union Speech on Tuesday.

The meeting was mainly off the record but the comments about Schumer, whose term ends in 2020, he said, could be on the record.
If it were only President Trump making this prediction Schumer might not have cause to be too nervous.
But the fact is this rumor has been spreading like wildfire and has been written about in detail by others has him terrified.

“Schumer is trying to ward off a 2022 primary challenge from Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, the freshman Bronx Democrat who could find herself without a district if New York loses congressional seats in the next round of reapportionment,” Atlantic reporter Russell Berman said in January.

“That’s all I thought it was about,” a trade lobbyist said to Berman on the condition of anonymity. “He sees AOC over his shoulder at all times, apparently.”
Schumer voted against the USMCA, which still passed, giving the reason of climate concerns, something the Justice Democrats, who are behind Ocasio-Cortez, declared as a victory.

“Despite the fact that it includes very good labor provisions, I am voting against USMCA because it does not address climate change, the greatest threat facing the planet,” the senator said. “When it comes to climate change, the agreement still contains many of the same flaws of the original NAFTA, which I voted against.”
“Our primary challengers and sit-ins targeting moderate Democrats have been criticized as divisive and unnecessary by many in the party establishment,” Alexandra Rojas, the Justice Democrats executive director, said. “But Senator Schumer’s decision to oppose the USMCA on climate change grounds would not have happened without our movement putting pressure on Democrats to make this crisis an urgent priority in the party like never before.”

The Justice Democrats, and Ocasio-Cortez, have threatened members of the party before with primary challenges and they are apparently being taken seriously.
“People close to her discussed a possible run for mayor of New York in 2021 but decided against it; a statewide run, probably for the Senate, is likelier. That would mean challenging Chuck Schumer in 2022 or Kirsten Gillibrand in 2024,” David Freelander said of Ocasio-Cortez in a piece for New York magazine.
The inmates are running the looney bin known as the Democrat Party and it is a monster of their own creation. Now that monster is going to consume them.

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