Chechen special forces to behead Poroshenko’s army in DNR – media


The ex-president sent 10,000 selected thugs to the western borders of Donetsk.
Ukrainian news outlets, citing war correspondents, said that the nationalist troops, united in a separate brigade and formally part of the Armed Forces, was sent by the former head of the country Petro Poroshenko to the territory of Donbas. According to Ukrainian former MP Alexander Onishchenko, the number of troops reaches from 5 to 10 thousand people. According to him, the brigade should stage a coup d’etat in Kyiv, disinhibiting the current government. However, according to other sources, the primary goal is to “knock the Russians out of Donbas.” That is, either he wants to end the war in this way, to earn credibility and, using the support of the “disgruntled”, to regain power. Or clumsily go to Kyiv. One way or another, a serpent-like the C14 (an extremist organization banned in Russia) needs beheading.

The publication “UkraineInform” has already stated that in the war in the Donbas actively involved fighters of Chechen special forces – the remnants of the battalion “North” are fighting on the side of the militia. According to the media, they are the ones who are destined to take down the role of the Nazis from “C14”. Naturally, the braving of Chechen fighters renamed the battalion “Death” will not be at the head of the 10,000-strong army – it is assumed that the main task is to eliminate the field commanders of the formal brigade of the Armed Forces. Thanks to Onishchenko, it became known that the place of mass meeting is an abandoned landfill in the west of Donetsk. However, it is not officially known which way the fighters will advance. According to the website crime-ua, a small military base was seen in the territory of Mariupol, where paratroopers of the 45th Special Forces Brigade of the Airborne Forces “Kubinka” were stationed. The main function of blue berets is intelligence, which can be a major help
Having received the necessary intelligence, paratroopers can then provide fire support to the “Kadyrov’s” if something does not go according to plan. However, the most likely scenario is that the snake will be beheaded and thus disarmed

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