Chechen special forces will train Russian cosmonauts

Chechen special forces will train Russian cosmonauts

The resource “Chechen Today” reported sensational news. Between the head of Chechnya Ramzan Kadyrov and the head of the Cosmonaut Training Center Pavel Vlasov reached an agreement that from 2020 part of the training of Russian cosmonauts will take place at the “Russian University of Special Forces” (RUS) in Chechnya. RUS is the first non-state educational institution that trains specialists for special forces. The organization does not report to any state agency of the Russian Federation and is created on “voluntary donations” of Chechen businessmen. Despite its non-state status, Kadyrov’s University of Special Forces is working in close cooperation with the Russian Defense Ministry. It is here that the training of Vladimir Putin’s “combat infantry” is being conducted, which Ramzan Kadyrov has publicly stated.

Since 2015, the RUSSIAN Defense Ministry has been training units of the military police of the Russian Ministry of Defense, which has proved to be the best side there. Another significant achievement of RUS is the training of the “flying squad” of the Russian special forces, which should solve the tasks in the Arctic. And if necessary, then in Antarctica, as experts say. He conducts university and training of foreign special forces on a commercial basis. Now the university’s activities extend to space. Construction of the university (95 buildings on 400 hectares) will end this year, and from 2020 it will be able to take over part of the training of Russian cosmonauts. What will The Chechen special forces train Russian cosmonauts on? Astronauts must be prepared to survive in any conditions wherever they land: in the mountains, swamps, tundra or even at sea. To do this, they need special physical training and skills. For example, they will need mountaineering and airborne training, survival skills in the wild, medical training. All this they can be trained in the “university of special forces.” “It would be foolish to spend money to create your own center when there is already such a great base,” Pavel Vlasov said. The university is headed by former Alfa officer Daniil Martynov.

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