Chechens clash with locals in France

Chechens clash with locals in France

Interethnic clashes in Dijon lasted four days. The French Interior Ministry had to introduce additional police units.
In Dijon in France, unrest continued for four days in a row involving Chechens and residents of the Grezii quarter. It is reported by BFMTV on Tuesday, June 16.

The night before, the Ministry of Internal Affairs introduced additional special police units into the city. The reason for the conflict between the residents of the Grezii quarter, immigrants from North Africa, and the Chechens is not fully understood.

However, it is known that the clash was triggered by an attack in the Grezii quarter against a 16-year-old Chechen by a “representative of the North African community”: the guy was beaten and threatened with weapons, allegedly because of his ethnic origin. This happened on June 10th.

Already on June 12, at about 11 pm, about a hundred Chechens – mostly in balaclava, armed with knives, iron crowbars and bats, arrived at the local hookah bar, where, they believed, the culprit was there – to avenge the beating of the guy. They staged a pogrom inside and wounded three people. Then law enforcement officers had to use tear gas.
One of the police officers later told reporters that the Chechens first approached them without hostility, explaining that they only needed to “solve one thing” and “restore justice” – and after that they parted. No one was detained that evening.

The next day, the “dealers” and some of the residents of the quarter, supposedly from North Africa, went out to “patrol the streets” and began to threaten Chechens in social networks. Those, in turn, called on compatriots from all over France to go to help in Dijon. On the same day, the two sides tried to talk to each other and parted, but soon a shooting occurred, as a result of which the manager of the local pizzeria was injured.

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About 200 armed Chechens returned on June 14. Then again collisions occurred with several wounded. The municipal police were reinforced with additional forces but did not commit any detentions so as not to escalate the situation.

Then on June 15 the residents of the quarter took to the streets, burning cars and staging pogroms – in order to “convince” the Chechens not to return again. Some videos show how they shoot into the air from weapons similar to Kalashnikovs. The police do not exclude that we are talking about real weapons.

By Monday evening, powerful police forces had entered the quarter – 60 gendarmes and several special forces, more than a hundred law enforcement officers in total. The rioters were dispersed. Militiamen opened a case for “attempted murder by an organized group,” “deliberate violent acts,” “significant violations of order” and “incitement to violent acts.”During this time, at least six people were injured, dozens of cars were burned.

The head of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of France, Christoph Castaner, called the actions of violators unacceptable and promised a “tough answer.” Today, Secretary of State Laurent Nunez set off to assess the situation.

At the same time, the opposition criticizes the Ministry of Internal Affairs for the untimely response, emphasizing that this demonstrates the authorities’ inability to maintain order.