Chicken droppings against coronavirus: Sweden has chosen its path again

Chicken droppings against coronavirus: Sweden has chosen its path again

Sweden has again chosen its own way to fight coronavirus using chicken droppings. But such strange methods do not work.

Journalist and blogger Sergey Savchuk commented on the strange actions of the Swedish authorities in the context of the spread of coronavirus. He advises you to remember what is happening.

So, the authorities of the city of Lund decided to prevent mass festivities of citizens on May warm days, scattering tons of chicken droppings in Central Park. This was to scare idle revelers.

The Swedish side claims that its soft strategy is effective. However, statistics indicate the opposite: for 100 thousand people, there are 22 deaths from coronavirus infection. Denmark, Finland, and Norway resorted to tough measures, so the situation there is several times better: from four to seven deaths per 100,000 people.

According to Johns Hopkins University, in Sweden in 12% of cases an infected person dies. Even in the United States, the mortality rate is around 5.8%.

“You keep such publications, it will be very useful in just a couple of months, when the disease subsides and wet myth-making about the” right countries “and the totalitarian Rashka-Chitika begins,” the blogger explained.

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