China doubts the origin of coronavirus 2

By | June 10, 2020
China doubts the origin of coronavirus 2

Beijing doubts that coronavirus infection originated in China. This was told by the Ambassador of China to Russia Zhang Hanhui

“Indeed, an outbreak [of the epidemic] arose in China. But we can’t say that this [points to] the original source, ”the diplomat said. He noted that Beijing simply discovered the infection before other countries and began to take appropriate measures.

On May 31, Gao Fu, director of the Center for Disease Control and Prevention of China, confirmed a new version of the origin of coronavirus, according to which it did not appear on the market in the Chinese city of Wuhan. He explained that in the analyzes of animals taken on the market, there was no trace of the virus.

According to recent data, the total number of people infected with coronavirus in the world exceeded 7.24 million people. 411,260 patients died from pneumonia, 3.37 million people recovered.

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