China has provided special crematoriums for victims of coronavirus

By | February 2, 2020
China has provided special crematoriums for victims of coronavirus

The bodies of the deceased will be disinfected and placed in hermetically sealed bags, which are not allowed to be opened.
Chinese authorities have ordered the cremation of the bodies of patients who died of coronavirus in designated crematoriums. This is reported by Xinhua on Sunday, February 2.”According to the text of the directive, jointly issued by the offices of the State Committee for Health Affairs of China, the Ministry of Civil Administration of China and the Ministry of Public Affairs The remains of infected patients should not be transported between different provincial-level administrative units and should not be preserved by burial or other means,” the statement said.

The bodies of deceased patients must be disinfected and placed by medical professionals in accordance with the rules in a hermetically sealed package, which is not allowed to be opened after sealing.

The document emphasizes that funeral homes must send special personnel and vehicles to transport bodies in accordance with the established route, and the bodies should be cremated in specially designated crematoriums. Funeral rituals such as farewell ceremonies are prohibited.

According to the latest data, 304 people died from coronavirus in China, and the number of infected reached 14,380.

It also became known that there was the first death from coronavirus outside China. A 44-year-old resident of the Chinese city of Wuhan, who came to the Philippines, has died.

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