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China ousts Russia from second place in arms sales

China ousts Russia from second place in arms sales

After the data on arms production in China became known, the Stockholm International Peace Research Institute (SIPRI, SIPRI) published its next ranking. According to the report, it is Now China, not Russia, that ranks second on the planet after the United States in terms of arms production and sales. Both sales for export and deliveries to the domestic market are taken into account.

It should be noted that sIPRI employees received such information about China for the first time. The information is not the most recent and relates to the period 2015-2017. However, this allowed the experts to do a more detailed analysis, revise the old ratings and present the results to the public.

The document clarifies that previously Chinese companies were not represented in the top 100 of the world’s largest arms manufacturers (top 100) because of a primitive lack of information. But now there is an opportunity to assess the potential of China’s MIC.

It is emphasized that according to the old data (2017) 11 companies from the USA, 6 from Europe and 3 from Russia were in the top twenty of the ranking. Total sales of U.S. companies were about $226.6 billion and Russian $37.7 billion.

But now in the top twenty, there were four companies from China, and 3 of them – in the top ten of the ranking. Their sales amount to $54.1 billion.

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The authors of the report note that Chinese companies have a serious specialization in specific areas of weapons. At the same time, in other countries manufacturers have a wider range of products.

SIPRI explains that China’s MIC is represented in large part by a dozen large companies and one research institute. Data on seven of the largest of them were used for analysis: AVIC – aviation and avionics; CASIC – rockets and space technology; CETC – electronics, software, radar; NORINCO and CSGC – ground technology; CSIC and CSSC – shipbuilding.

The largest listed Chinese company was AVIC. It produced and sold products for $20.1 billion and immediately found itself in sixth place in the top 100. At the same time, sales of the world’s largest manufacturer of ground equipment NORINCO amounted to $17.2 billion.

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