China refused to discuss the situation around Hong Kong in the UN Security Council

By | May 28, 2020
China refused to discuss the situation around Hong Kong in the UN Security Council

China refused to discuss the UN Security Council the situation in Hong Kong, follows from the review of the permanent mission of the USA to the organization.
In turn, China’s permanent representative to the UN Zhang Jun wrote on Twitter that “China categorically rejects the baseless requests by the United States on the meeting of the Security Council.” According to him, the national security legislation of Hong Kong was purely an internal affair of China.
“It’s not relevant to the mandate of the Security Council,” — said the diplomat.

According to the Chinese Ambassador, “the facts prove again and again that the US is the source of problems in the world.” “China urges the U.S. to immediately stop its policy of force and the practice of intimidation”, — he added.
The Russian delegation supported the position of Beijing that the situation of Hong Kong is an internal affair of China and the question is not within the competence of the UN Security Council.
Acute dissatisfaction with the anti-government forces in Hong Kong and some Western officials called the consideration of the All-China Assembly of people’s representatives (the main legislative body of China) project “Decision on the establishment and improvement of legal frameworks and enforcement mechanisms to ensure national security in the special administrative region of Hong Kong.” The bill, designed especially for Hong Kong, will include a ban on subversive and separatist activities. He suggests a ban on any kind of incitement aimed at the overthrow of the Central government, as well as terrorism and external interference.

Earlier the adviser to the President for national security Robert O’Brien threatened to impose sanctions against China if Beijing with the help of the national security bill “capture” in Hong Kong.
U.S. Secretary of state Mike Pompeo on Wednesday announced that it has notified Congress that Hong Kong no longer has its autonomy from China, which has been included in the transfer of the territory from British to Chinese authorities in 1997.
Earlier, the US government has stated that it is considering imposing sanctions against the PRC authorities for actions in respect of Hong Kong. Later, China made the United States the view because of statements by American officials on the draft law on national security in Hong Kong and warned about possible countermeasures if the United States will continue to undermine to act against the interests of the PRC.

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