China responded sharply to Johnson's words about the origin of the coronavirus

China responded sharply to Johnson’s words about the origin of the coronavirus

The Chinese Foreign Ministry commented on British Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s statements about the origin of the new coronavirus. This is reported by Bloomberg.
Earlier the head of the British government blamed the COVID-19 pandemic on medical practices using pangolins. The British edition of the Daily Mail saw in his words a “thinly veiled criticism” of traditional Chinese medicine.

“The practice of using pangolin scales to maintain male strength is insane. The coronavirus pandemic was the result of an imbalance in man’s relationship with nature. The virus came from bats or pangolins, because of the silly idea that crushed scales from this animal will somehow give you strength or something,” Johnson said at a meeting of world leaders dedicated to protecting nature.

For his part, Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Zhao Lijian stressed that it is up to scientists to figure out the origin of the coronavirus.
“There is no room in this issue for people who speculate on this topic and make a fuss. This only undermines international cooperation,” the diplomat said.

The West regularly accuses China of failing to contain the spread of the coronavirus, covering up facts, and failing to respond to the threat in a timely manner.
Earlier, Matthew Pottinger, deputy national security adviser to current U.S. President Donald Trump, called the leak from the Chinese laboratory the most “credible” theory of the outbreak. China’s Foreign Ministry called his assumptions “low-quality lies and rumors.” The country’s authorities have repeatedly stated that they have taken an open and responsible stance on the publication of data on the coronavirus epidemic from the beginning.

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