China responds to lawsuit over coronavirus in Ukraine

By | May 14, 2020
China responds to lawsuit over coronavirus in Ukraine

The Embassy said that in the situation of pandemic China is the injured party, and stressed that the virus knows no borders.
China has suffered from an epidemic of coronavirus, and not once made use of by the pandemic. This was stated press Secretary of the Embassy of China in Ukraine, Thursday, May 14.

“The virus knows no boundaries and can appear at any time anywhere in the world… During the spread of a new epidemic coronavirus COVID-19 China is a victim country, and, logically, deserves sympathy. We are in no way a party that has made use of the epidemic, especially not the party that caused trouble to others,” – said in a statement.

China is only the world’s first reported on the emergence of a new coronavirus, but the international community now there are many versions of the origin of the virus. To find out where the virus originated, I still need to get insights into research.

“The assumption of responsibility by the country which first reported on the emergence of a new virus – there is no such precedent, there is no logic. Virus – a common enemy of all mankind, and also challenges around the world,” added the diplomat.

According to the spokesperson, China had implemented measures for control and prevention gained time for the whole world. In pandemic conditions, countries need not look for enemies, and to strengthen cooperation.

Since the outbreak of China and Ukraine launched active cooperation, the Chinese side offered Ukraine humanitarian assistance, shares experiences, and helps to purchase funds in China, the diplomat said.

“The Ukrainian side appreciates the active measures of the Chinese side on the epidemic and provided to help… We are convinced that cooperation between China and Ukraine in the context of the epidemic will provide new incentives for further development of bilateral relations”, – summed up in the statement.

We will remind you that earlier in Kyiv court entered a claim against China due to COVID. The plaintiff is a public organization, which also requires monetary compensation from China for COVID.

Also, the US Congress introduced a bill On liability for COVID-19, which allows the President of the United States Donald Trump to impose sanctions against China.

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