China ridiculed the US in the fight against coronavirus

China ridiculed the US in the fight against coronavirus

The Chinese made fun of the US authorities in a short cartoon about the coronavirus.
The video” once upon a virus ” (Once upon a virus…) was published by the Xinhua news agency.
The cartoon communicates a Chinese terracotta warrior and the Statue of Liberty, represented by LEGO figures.
In December, a warrior warns a neighbor about a new virus: “There are cases of strange pneumonia!» “Accepted!» “Yes,” she says.
In January, a Chinese soldier says the new virus is dangerous.
However, the statue of Liberty responds that it is only a cold. In the future, she does not agree to wear a mask and stay at home, because “this is a violation of human rights.” The arrogant American calls the construction of temporary hospitals “concentration camps”, and self — isolation-barbarism.
In February, a Chinese man reports that the Chinese medical system is overloaded, and the virus is killing doctors. “Look at this backward China. Typical third world country» – the opponent reacts.
In March, the statue of Liberty begins to understand the severity of the problem but radically changes its position.
When a Terra-cotta soldier informs you that the infection has gone down, “the statue exclaims:” This is impossible! Look at Italy!” Immediately, she starts accusing the soldier of lying to her, not warning her about the virus, and keeping the information secret.
“We said it was dangerous!»  the soldier retorts.
“You lied!»  the statue of Liberty responds. And it ends with the Virus is not dangerous. He only killed millions of Chinese. We are always right! Even if we contradict ourselves!”
“What I love most about you Americans is your consistency,” the soldier quips.