China strongly condemns unilateral sanctions on Iran

China strongly condemns unilateral sanctions on Iran

China supports Iran in protecting national sovereignty and also opposes unilateral sanctions against Tehran. The corresponding statement was made by Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi during a tour of the countries of the Middle East.
The Chinese diplomat also met with President Hassan Rouhani.
“China strongly supports Iran in protecting state sovereignty, national dignity, and the right to independently choose its own development path,” said Wang Yi, quoted by TOPNEWS
He stressed that China opposes unreasonable unilateral sanctions against Iran.

Also as part of the tour, Wang Yi proposed an initiative to achieve peace and stability in the Middle East. In particular, the Chinese Foreign Minister spoke in favor of holding a conference on security issues in the Persian Gulf, holding direct talks between representatives of Palestine and Israel. As a solution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, China proposes the creation of two states and the achievement of nuclear non-proliferation.
A joint comprehensive plan of action concluded between the “six” countries (Great Britain, Germany, China, Russia, USA, France) and Iran in 2015 assumed the lifting of sanctions in exchange for limiting Iran’s nuclear program. The JCPOA did not last even three years – in May 2018, the United States announced a unilateral withdrawal from the deal and the restoration of tough sanctions against Tehran.

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On January 5 of this year, in the context of aggravated relations with Washington, Tehran announced the abandonment of “the last key limitation in the nuclear deal” concerning the number of centrifuges for uranium enrichment.
It was reported that Iran has reached 20% uranium enrichment at the Fordow facility, which is enough to carry out some nuclear weapons work.