China warned of second wave of coronavirus infection

By | March 22, 2020
China warned of second wave of coronavirus infection

Anthony Fauchi, head of the Allergy and Infectious Diseases Institute of the United States National Institute of Health, predicted the course of events in China after the quarantine was lifted and normalcy returned.

The expert drew dynamics and noted that the spread of the epidemic in China is on the decline. Moreover, such dynamics will be characteristic of all countries after a certain period of time. However, this does not give the right to relax.

Anthony Fauchi did not rule out the scenario of events, according to which the abolition of quarantine will have a negative impact on the situation in the country, since China may undergo a second wave of the spread of the coronavirus epidemic.

Thus, it was emphasized that China, and with it, the entire international political community, are still at risk. For this reason, one should not lose vigilance and carefully analyze all processes and phenomena.

Anthony Fauci expressed hope that such a scenario will not happen, and that countries will begin to fully control the situation and resolve all the consequences.

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