Chinese coronavirus can be picked up through euros and Swiss francs

Chinese coronavirus can be picked up through euros and Swiss francs

As many experts have suggested, America is trying to capitalize on the 2019-nCoV coronavirus outbreak in Wuhan. It is not even about measures to prevent an epidemic in the United States, but about inflaming fear and panic about everything related to China.

Overseas media in unison write about the new infection as “a 21st century Spaniard.” They say that 2019-nCoV is so resilient that it will be able to get into “your house even through Chinese parcels and goods.” In other words, first the Americans, then the Europeans, then the rest of the people want to insinuate that the brand “Made in China” is tantamount to a skull with bones.

Trump’s declared selective isolationism shows that the United States doesn’t just want to sit overseas if a pandemic breaks out. They would be happy if the events in Eurasia developed in a negative scenario.

What’s interesting: strange coincidences are striking. Washington has drastically cut funding for epidemic prevention programs in 39 of the 49 countries under the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) for a total of $600 million. September 2019. And in December, the first disturbing news from China appeared. This was preceded by other events that are like separate puzzles in a bad picture for America.So, back in February 2018, Trump ordered to notify his epidemiologists from the CDC to leave by the fall of 2019 China, Pakistan, Haiti, Rwanda Congo. With the exception of China, we are talking about countries with extremely poor public health.
The number of coronavirus victims exceeded 400
“Despite statements from President Trump and senior administration officials confirming the importance of fighting outbreaks, officials and global infectious disease experts do not expect the White House to highlight new money,” as the Washington Post looked into the water.

Meanwhile, scientists predict that from the moment the first patient infected with an unknown infection appeared in the farthest village before the virus entered the capital of the troubled state, it will take no more than 36 hours, after which it may begin deadly procession across the planet. In short, get to such countries, for example, coronavirus 2019-nCoV, the infection will remain there for a long time, making, of course, raids on neighboring states.

If you look at the states for which funding for U.S. epidemic prevention programs has not been terminated, by a surprising coincidence they are adjacent to China – India, Thailand, and Vietnam. Here you want – do not want, and listen to the supporters of conspiracy theories, who claim that the “Wuhan” coronavirus is created artificially by those who benefit from it. In favor of this conspiracy theory just says the preservation of CDC laboratories on the borders with the Celestial Empire. After all, they will easily be able to serve as American observation posts behind the situation with China. Yes, its first part is concluded, but Trump failed to persuade Xi Jinping to the American version of the treaty. The Chinese behaved as equal partners, and after that, the world learned the name of the city of Wuhan.

Here is the time to return to the Western media campaign to demonize the “Made in China” brand. Assuming that someone in the US and the EU will pick up 2019-nCoV by buying or mailing a Chinese product, it’s not hard to predict the scale of the hysteria. There is no doubt that it will come to the point that governments will ban imports from China until special permission. It’s easy to imagine what kind of feast the White House is about, of course, keeping the concern on its faces.
Military expert! virus 2019-nCoV is a biological weapon
On the one hand, many virologists, including Russian ones, claim that 2019-nCoV will die on the road, they say, it will not live more than 5 days. On the other hand, publications have appeared in the EU and in the US that hint at the longer survivability of coronavirus. They start from afar, but the ultimate goal is already visible. First of all, remember the study of the Central Laboratory of Virology University Hospitals of Geneva, conducted back in 2007.”Successful control of viral disease requires knowledge of various factors that could contribute to its transmission,” the study’s annotation says. “We have estimated the survival of influenza viruses on banknotes, given that billions of banknotes are exchanged daily around the world. The banknotes were experimentally infected with representative subtypes of influenza virus at different concentrations, and survival was tested after different periods of time.”

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Although 13 years have passed since then, the results are, to put it mildly, impressive. Looks like they were held like trump cards up their sleeves, and now they’re in the game. So, according to the Geneva microbiologists, influenza A viruses survived up to 3 days when they were abundantly applied to banknotes. But if the money was contaminated drops of respiratory mucus, for example, during a savory sneeze, they showed a striking increase in life expectancy – up to 17 days.

In 2009, Eve Thomas, then director of the National Influenza Research Center at the University Hospital of Geneva, noted that epidemiologists and virologists know little about the unexpected stability of influenza viruses and SARS in non-biological environments. This is also the case with coronaviruses.
"Rehearsal of Biological Warfare": why the epidemic started in China
Studies seem to clearly show that the flu virus can only live on the skin for five minutes, which is due to various factors including body temperature and skin pH. However, doctors insist on frequent hand washing, watching people get infected when touching the eyes, nose or mouth even after a few hours.

At the same time, it was stated that not all banknotes become long havens of viruses, because the composition of the material of money differs from one country to another. But Swiss francs and, accordingly, the euro, produced by identical technology, should be attributed to contagious money. It is known that on metal strips, which are used to protect money from counterfeits, they live longer than on porous surfaces such as paper. At the same time, the nosogulous secretions last the longest to retain their contagious properties at high humidity and lower temperature. Much also depends on the virus itself, for example, avian flu lives outside the body twice as long as influenza A.

In general, articles in the European media on “Beware of the euro, it can be contagious “Wuhan” coronavirus, can be safely attributed to propaganda art training, after which attacks can begin already on goods from China.

At the same time, the Chinese are ahead of the curve. Judge for yourself, on January 7, China compiled a complete DNA sequence of the new virus, and about a week later a group of Chinese biotechnology companies presented test kits for identification for 2019-nCoV. Not even 10 days have passed, these test kits are already mass-produced in the Celestial Empire. With such knowledge of the substance of the issue, Beijing is 100% informed and the most unlikely variants of transmission of coronavirus through commodity supplies.
'We're all going to die': Expert tells of danger of Chinese coronavirus
However, from all this history there is positive information, in particular, that the euro, as well as Swiss francs, are a hotbed of influenza and SARS. It is clear that ATMs with metal buttons also pose a very serious threat to health. But for some reason in Russia, there are still no measures for mandatory decontamination of cash machines every two hours, as required by epidemiologists.

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