Chinese workers survive Russian farmer from former missile base

By | August 20, 2020
Chinese workers survive Russian farmer from former missile base

In the Krasnoyarsk region, a Russian farmer who spent 15 years farming on the territory of an abandoned military base, decided to move Chinese workers. According to the farmer, the Chinese are already hosting the territory.

Once the head of the village council, and after an ordinary farmer in the Alinsky district of Krasnoyarsk region, Sergey Korolkov will be forced to leave his farm, which he worked for 15 years. All this time on the site of an abandoned military base Korolkov was engaged in agriculture: breeding animals, sowing, cleaning.

However, this idyll ended when the territory of the ex-base decided to sell. Now on the site of the farm site, they want to build a sawmill. Once the owner of a thriving farm in the taiga laments that instead of inhabited the site will remain “pet” because of total deforestation. Well, the wood will be taken to China.

However, Victor Frolov, who is applying for the site, disagrees that the Chinese started to “host” in the taiga, according to him, they only helped him with money for rent.

“The owner here is me, and the Chinese brothers just took me money to rent the facility and install a sawmill here. I will definitely correct them,” he said.

Nevertheless, “Krasnoyarsk Worker,” writes, after such a rocking a sad fate awaits the cattle of Korolkov. One thing remains cut milking cows, a large herd of pigs, geese, and chickens, because there is no time to move the whole farm to another territory.

“There are a lot of questions in this situation. Including the head of the Ilan district Olga Alhimenko. What forced her to remove the peasant farm from the former missile base and hand it over to the Chinese? After all, lumberjacks from the Celestial Empire for a few years will leave a real desert in the taiga and, having cut down the forest, will go to other tidbits of Siberian places,” – notes the author of the publication Victor Resheten.