Chrome browser will complicate the surveillance of users

Google intends to embed in the chrome browser mechanism that prevents the surveillance of user activity. According to the sources of The Wall Street Journal, thanks to the new tool “in the style of the control panel” it will be possible to view what data and cookies advertisers receive and to limit the collection of Internet bugs.

The search engine has been working on this possibility for more than six years. However, last year — after the scandal over the illegal use of data by Cambridge Analytica of tens of millions of Facebook users — Google had to accelerate the development. The new feature may be announced this week.

As specified by the interlocutors of the publication, Chrome will make it difficult to obtain information about users to any third-party agencies. However, the collection of cookies and other data by services owned by Google itself will not be limited.

Recall that from July 9, the search engine will activate for users from around the world built in Chrome blocker that will “cut” any poor-quality advertising. We are talking about “bad” ads that prevent you from viewing the web page: pop-up Windows, video with automatic playback and sound, as well as “splat” on the whole screen. It is important that Google remains the largest advertising company: it is the display network that brings it most of the revenue. The idea of the search engine is to “cut” not all, as do third-party blockers like Adblock Plus or Ghostery, but only annoying ads.

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