Clashes in Vienna: Austria and Turkey summon ambassadors

By | June 29, 2020
Clashes in Vienna: Austria and Turkey summon ambassadors

Austrian authorities are unhappy with attacks by aggressive Turks on Kurdish protesters in Vienna, and Turkish authorities criticize Austria for allowing Kurdish demonstrations.
The Austrian Foreign Ministry summoned the Turkish ambassador after attacks by aggressive Turkish youth against Kurdish protesters in Vienna, and the Turkish Foreign Ministry called the Austrian ambassador, criticizing the Kurds for organizing protests. It is reported by Ukrinform on Monday, June 29.

“We don’t want to see violence in Austria, especially Vienna, on the streets, as in other countries,” said the Federal Chancellor of the clashes between Turks and Kurds in Vienna last week.

The head of the Austrian Ministry of Internal Affairs, Karl Negammer, repeated the same thing, who declared that it was completely unacceptable that “Turkish conflicts be transferred to Austrian territory.”

In turn, Austrian Foreign Minister Alexander Schallenberg said that the Turkish ambassador should influence the rioters to de-escalate the situation.

Then the Turkish Foreign Ministry “invited the Austrian ambassador to a conversation”. The agency criticized the Austrian authorities for allowing the demonstration of Kurds for four days. The Turkish Foreign Ministry accused Austria of “fighting little terrorism”, allowing the propaganda of symbols and ideas by the “Kurdistan Workers Party”, which is recognized as a terrorist organization in Turkey.

In Vienna in the Favoriten area on Wednesday, clashes occurred between Turks and Kurds. Kurdish demonstrators held a peaceful rally for women’s rights when the Turks tried to disrupt the demonstration by insulting its participants. Turks demonstrated gestures of the ultranationalist Turkish organization Gray Wolves forbidden in Austria.

Kurdish demonstrators were supported by anti-fascist and left-wing organizations, which the next day held a joint rally with the participation of about 500 people. But the Turks attacked them again, throwing stones and bottles at them. Street clashes in the Favoriten area continued on Friday. Seven policemen were injured, who were involved in security.

Recall that earlier Turkey blocked NATO plans for Eastern Europe. Turkish authorities are seeking to tighten the stance of the North Atlantic alliance towards Kurdish separatists.

It was also reported that off the coast of Libya, an incident occurred between the frigates of Turkey and France. NATO confirmed that such an incident took place, and added that they would find out the circumstances of the incident.

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