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Clinton joked about Twitter blocking Trump

Clinton joked about Twitter blocking Trump

U.S. politician Hillary Clinton made a joke about incumbent U.S. President Donald Trump, recalling their altercation on Twitter.

She reposted her own post from four years ago, where she urged her former presidential opponent to delete his account.

“Delete the account,” Clinton wrote during the 2016 presidential race.

Earlier, the Twitter administration blocked access to Trump’s account “due to the risk of further incitement to violence.” The account of incumbent Trump’s campaign headquarters was then blocked. Before that, his Facebook, Instagram, Twitch, and Snapchat pages were blocked.

On January 6, supporters of incumbent President Donald Trump stormed the building of the U.S. Congress, interrupting the session at which they were to approve the results of the past election. Five people died as a result of the incident. According to the latest data, charges were filed against 55 participants in the siege.

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